The 4m, Episode 2: New Award, AngularJS Meetup and Team Expansion

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By News March 8, 2017

Steve and Scott have a chat about winning Best Overall Company at the 2017 Business Excellence Forum awards and our growing team, the trend towards serverless architecture and our AWS accreditation and we give you a tour of our office.

See the full transcript below.

Steve: Welcome back to episode 2 of the 4m. Today we’re going to look at what’s been happening around the office over the past month, we’re gonna look at cloud services at our technology profile and Scott here is going to give us a tour of the office.

What’s happening around the office

Scott: So since our last update, we’ve been fortunate again to win another award. This time it’s something that we’ve had our eye on for quite a few years now, ever since we started participating in the annual Business Excellence awards. This year it’s for Best Overall Company and definitely a good addition to the woolchest.

Steve: Yeah that trophy cabinet is getting rather large now, it’s great. We’ve been hosting the ng-Sydney meetup every month for the last few months now. It’s something we’re starting to get more involved in the community and the development world. It’s the AngularJS meetup, where we’ll have speakers come and talk about what’s going on with AngularJS, where it’s going, how to do some tips and tricks, things like that. If you want to get involved, the website is

Scott: In other news we’ve been expanding. We’ve already had 10 new starters this year, which will really help us service our existing clients and what’s especially important is reduce our lead times for new projects, so we’re looking forward to growing the team and doing more. That said, we’d love to hear from you if you are a talented Business Analyst or Project Manager, a Business Development Manager, a SiteFinity developer or a Junior PHP Developer. Get in touch if you are one of those.

Steve: That’s alot of roles!

Cloud Services

Scott: Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably well aware that everything is migrating to the public cloud these days. So Amazon Web Services, or AWS is clearly the dominant player in this infrastructure as a service space, with more market share than all of their competitors combined.

Steve: It’s also pretty exciting for me from a training perspective. I get to work with Scott and alot of the guys here in gaining their certifications in AWS. We’re know a registered partnr with AWS and we’re moving our way up the ranks just to show we’re committed to learning more about the platform and offering a really high quality services.

Scott: Yep and something the team’s been delving into recently is serverless architecture. So that’s a really interestign area where it’s really changing the way we think about designing our solutions and it really heavily reduces your hosting costs since you’re only payibg for compute time, not paying for any idle servers.

Steve: Yeh I’ve actually been working with some of the guys to create some boilerplates so we can handle authentication and logins just to take that busy work out of the developers hand so they can just get on with building what the client needs to be built.

Scott: If you’ve got any questions or needs about public cloud infrastructure please contact us via the website.

Tour of the Office

Scott: Welcome to the 4mation office. I’ll give you a quick look around and hopefully give you some insight into where we work, rest and play. Our strangest meeting room has got to be the beach because, yes, that is real sand. Lets head on over to the presentation area. This is the presentation space. This is where host industry meetups, or focus group sessions and of course our all staff meetings. Let’s head on over to the breakout area. This is the breakout space, we’ve got all our latest consoles over there, we’ve got pingpong, we’ve got a pool table and the obligatory beer fridge. Lets head over to the kitchen. There’s free fruit, there’s a cereal station, this all helps keep the hunger at bay. Let’s head on over to the main floor. As you can see this is where all the action happens, it’s all open plan. We’ve got our development teams, quality assurance, user experience and sales and marketing just behind the camera theres. Let’s head on over to the reception area. Here we are, back at reception. Hopefully that gave you some good insight into the environment that all 70 of us here work everyday. All local, nothing outsourced.

Steve: Thanks again for watching us today. I hope you enjoyed Scott’s little video of the tour of our office, give you a bit of an insight into life here at 4mation. We obviously love it, so whatever we can share with you all, we’re happy to do. As always, if you have any questions, for Scott or myself or anyone in the team here, please just give us a call or contact us via the website.

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