4mation Braves the Rain for a Picnic in the Park

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By News May 20, 2013

Last Saturday marked the first inaugural Family Picnic Day for the 4mation Nation and their loved ones, who braved the inclement weather to enjoy a relaxed afternoon in Centennial Park. An alternative to 4mation’s usual end-of-month celebrations, it was a great opportunity to catch up with work friends and their families and enjoy a few beers!

An amazing spread was put together by 4mation Technologies’ Managing Director Dane and his wife Kelly, whilst honourary 4mationite Pat cooked up a storm on the barbie. Lamb cutlets, chicken kebabs, sausages, quiche, a variety of fresh homemade salads and a mountain of Jelly Belly jellybeans, Malteasers, cupcakes, chocolate and other goodies all helped to fuel the troops for the afternoon of games that was to come.

Proceedings started with a casual game of soccer — somewhat half-hearted since most people were too busy enjoying the delicacies on offer to join in! However once they had their fill, Kayleigh inducted the 4mationites into one of the most addictive and competitive games to be played — Kubb.

Haven’t heard of it? Neither had we! Hailing from Sweden, the game is a strange combination of lawn bowls and chess and is sometimes referred to as ‘Viking Chess’. The object of the game is to use wooden batons to knock down the opponent’s kubb’s before knocking down the King that guards the field and winning the game.

The 4mation Nation took to the game like ducks to water and continued to play for hours — even in the pouring rain! — as their bemused friends and colleagues watched from the shelter of nearby trees, sugar-filled sweets and cool beverages close at hand.

Once the rain had cleared, a game of “touch football” was soon up and running, with much amusement provided by 4mation’s resident German Urs, who said, “I really liked it but I felt lost and didn’t know when to run where!”

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Plus, we can now also teach you to play Kubb 🙂

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