4mation Nation Amongst the Toughest on the Planet

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By News April 16, 2013

What were you doing at 10am on Saturday morning? Making breakfast? Thinking about mowing the lawn? Or were you were still in bed? Well whilst you were enjoying the start of your weekend, 8 members of the 4mation Nation and some of their friends competed in probably one of the toughest events on the planet and proved just how strong they really are.

Tough Mudder is a 20km+ obstacle course designed by the British Special Forces. Held out at Fernhill Estate in Mulgoa last weekend, this year’s course featured 21 different obstacles designed to push participants to their limits and face their fears. Whether it be heights, enclosed spaces, deep water, electrocution, or simply getting dirty, Tough Mudder always delivers, and the 4mation Nation were out to prove they were up to the challenge.

Having sworn the Tough Mudder pledge, the team got through the first two obstacles with relative ease — ‘Kiss of Mud’, which involved crawling through the mud beneath rows of barbed wire; and ‘Underwater Tunnels’, where participants had to swim through a pond littered with floating barrels, forcing full-body immersion in the cold water. However between obstacles two and three — the dreaded ‘Arctic Enema’, an icy pit of water which can cause hypothermic shock if you linger too long — the team got separated in the confusion and were forced to continue in two groups for the remainder of the event.

The teams then spent the next 12 kilometres battling some of the hellish obstacles that Tough Mudder is so well-known for, clambering over stacks of hay bales, crawling through underground tunnels, leaping over log walls, carrying heavy sandbags, and struggling through deep mud trenches. Morale remained high however as the 4mation Nation helped not just their teammates but also their fellow Mudders complete the course.

Energy levels were dwindling as the 4mation Nation reached the 16 kilometre mark, but Tough Mudder wasn’t letting up yet. After jumping off a 6 metre pier into cold water, the team then had to scale two 4-metre-high walls before reaching the ‘Electric Eel’ — an electrifying crawl through mud and water. Tested but not beaten, the team continued through monkey bars, a slippery run up a greased half pipe and a claustrophobic swim through caged trenches before finally reaching the finish line. Reunited with missing teammates, the 4mation Nation enjoyed the cold beer they had been craving for the previous four hours and did the best to wash the mud off their weary bodies before heading home.

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