4mation Staff Profile: Scott Morris, Ongoing Support and Development Leader

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By Culture June 25, 2013

The bloggers at 4mation Technologies are starting a new series of staff profiles to introduce you to the people behind your websites and development projects! First off the ranks we have Scott, who is not only our Ongoing Support and Development Leader, but is also one of our longest-serving employees.

Qualification and institution name: Bachelor of Computer Science, with a Diploma of Information Technology Professional Practices; University of Technology, Sydney

What first drew you to this field? Building and understanding information systems,  and tinkering with databases and code through school & university. I get a kick out of automating processes and solving problems!

How long have you been with 4mation? Since it was just a few mates operating out of a house in Narwee some 12 years ago.

What’s been your greatest achievement whilst working here? Growing the ongoing support and development teams.

Which clients do you often work with? Grace Group, The ABC, Brain Resource, and just recently, Group Newsagency Supplies. At the moment I’m working on some new homepage concepts for Grace Self Storage and Grace Removals.

What do you enjoy about working for 4mation? Definitely the people, they are a fantastic team who consistently put out work we’re proud of. The variety of my job is good too, as my particular role sees me working with quite a range of clients. My pick of the bunch are web application systems which are often for internal use, but involve some careful consideration for information architecture under the hood. I love to tinker with databases and analysis.

How do you hope this position progresses for you? Although PHP/MySQL (i.e. LAMP stack) is our bread and butter, I’d really like to see a Microsoft .NET team blossom within the company, and I’m busy planting seeds for that to happen right now!

Where did you grow up? I’ve been a Sydneysider all my life — I grew up in the Sutherland Shire, but living closer to the city now.

What inspires you? Adventure! Being a self-confessed weekend warrior, you can usually find me canyoning or rock climbing in the Blue Mountains on my days off.

Geek confession: I can spend hours playing with data visualisation tools — just for fun!

Personal motto: “Shut up legs” (Only runners will get that one!)

Dream superhero power, and why: Spiderman — now that guy can climb!

We have a team of 35+ experts like Scott in our Surry Hills office in Sydney. Call us if you would like to talk to one of them about improving your website or business system.

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