4mation Takes on the 1kg Steak Challenge

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By News January 18, 2016

Kicking 2016 into gear, three of 4mation’s team members, Warren, Max and Antonia, took on The Forresters 1kg Steak Challenge.

Steak Challenge

The challenge – 1kg of steak!

Not for the faint of heart (or vegetarians), the challenge consisted of consuming five 200g steaks (cooked to their preference), mashed potato, gravy and salad, topped off with a couple deep-fried onion rings. There was no time limit, as just completing the challenge was a feat in itself!

To begin, the race was tight with the first 400g of steak on each plate disappearing within 2 minutes.
With pain and discomfort displaying on their faces, the two front runners pushed on through, vying to complete the meal in the quickest time.

When all of the meat and mash was down the hatch, the next challenge was yet to be faced – an unreasonably large portion of salad and onion rings! Spurred on by their competitive streaks, Warren and Antonia battled it out for the win.

A close finish, Antonia came out on top with only 1.69 seconds to spare before Warren too swallowed his last mouthful.

Official 4mation Steak Challenge Times

Antonia: 14:48.51
Warren: 14:50.20
Max: 49:50.00

Our team is always up for a challenge, and it’s events like these which help to bring us together in friendly competition.

Do you enjoy participating in fun lunchtime activities? Do you have what it takes to beat 4mation’s biggest eaters? If so, check out our current opportunities.

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