Clémentine Desjonqueres

Clémentine Desjonqueres

Clementine has a strong interest in technical SEO, and strongly believes that laying a good technical foundation is the first step to improving search engine visibility. Also a Content Writer at 4mation, she helps websites set the right tone of voice while showcasing their expertise.

Illustration - Google vs Bing voice search

Bing vs Google Voice Search

By News February 22, 2018

Google is still the most used search engine in the world (79%), followed by Bing (5.33%). By forming strategic alliances with companies like Amazon (Alexa), Bing is attempting to catch up and close the market share gap. But from a usability perspective, how do the two engines compare when it comes to voice search? Read More

Google Home Device

What is Voice Search?

By SEO February 14, 2018

The increasing popularity of smartphones has turned these devices into an extension of our brains, helping us accomplish everyday tasks at any time of the day, wherever we are. The rise of home assistants such as Amazon Echo also plays a part in this rising trend.

Read More

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