Boosting Website Traffic Through Easy Content Sharing

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By SEO December 18, 2012

Used by over 14 million websites, including major brands such as Starbucks, Time Out and Nintendo, provide a robust, tried and tested platform that allows website users to easily share content they find interesting across all major social networks and via email. What’s the benefit to you though?

Sharing is an inherent part of the web. Popular content can go viral in a matter of hours. It’s not uncommon to see the same content appear in more than one of your news feeds. Time and again we hear about websites that crash due to popular demand. But how does this happen you might ask? Surely there cannot be that many people out there who take the time to copy and paste a URL into their status update and share it with their friends. The truth is, in most cases these sites have facilitated the sharing process by providing easy access to sharing buttons that come in the form of Facebook ‘Like’ buttons, Twitter ‘tweet’ buttons and Google Plus ‘+1’ buttons (to name just a few). Going to the effort of copying and pasting isn’t needed and something of interest can be shared within seconds.

All major social networks and sharing services provide their own button to provide sharing on their platform. Traditionally this involves including a piece of their code on your website, on every page, to make their button appear. Naturally, this process can become time consuming and then there’s the added complication of ensuring you have all the main networks covered and you have not made your user interface cluttered and unattractive.

The widget is a simple tool that easily allows a site owner to cherry pick the most important sharing services that they want their users to have access to and present on their website pages, without having to individually source code for each system.

There are several styles of button configuration to select from, ranging from extremely discreet to very obvious. There’s typically a style available to suit all sites and tastes.

The most powerful benefit of using is the insight into sharing statistics that they provide. A little extra configuration is required to make this happen, but once in place a site owner can really drill down into what content is popular for sharing and where it is being shared.

The process of adding the sharing service to a website is relatively straight forward, but some technical knowledge is required and there are slight nuances between some platforms that can cause issues. We are more than happy to set up the service and add it to your website for you, simply speak to one of our developers by calling 02 9213 1300 or contact us online to discuss your requirements further.

We use ourselves; see the sharing icons below and give them a go!

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