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Mobile app development and mobile website development are two of 4mation’s specialties. Read on to get some news about our development work, along with some industry insights.

3 Failed Agile Projects And Where They Went Wrong

By Agile Development, Mobile Development, Project Planning and Management, Technology, Web Development October 8, 2019

Think using Agile development is a surefire way to ensure project success? It’s not that simple. Agile is the software development design methodology that allows developers to do work in small increments (Sprints), and produce client deliverable in a way that allows the project to continue and evolve through an ongoing feedback loop. 

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close-up of of person using Google Assistant on their smartphone

5 Innovative Ways Aussie Brands Are Using Google Assistant

By Mobile Development February 20, 2018

Google Assistant is a virtual personal assistant developed by Google. It helps individuals to find, organise and get things done in their world. It is Google’s next generation way of searching with Google. Users can access it wherever they are, from their mobile, smart home device, watch, laptop, car or smart TV.

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A Person holding and pressing their mobile phone

Apps vs Mobile Websites – Which Should You Build?

By Mobile Development February 14, 2017

With smartphones & tablets being such an integral part of our digital lifestyle, establishing a mobile presence is more important now than ever and has provided an opportunity for businesses to create more meaningful interactions with their users.

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A Day in the Life of a 4mation Test Analyst

By Mobile Development February 25, 2016

Quality Assurance is a critical component of the development process. At 4mation, our Test Analysts are responsible for testing the functionality, the general look and feel of a project, and making sure the client’s requirements have been met.

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Is Your App Icon Losing You Sales?

By Mobile Development October 15, 2013

Whether you want to shop online, check restaurant menus, get directions, read email, or edit photos, “there’s an app for that”. And with 74% of Australian smartphone owners using their mobile apps to do all these things and more every day, its clear how valuable it is to have a mobile app for your business.
But did you

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Australian Smartphone Users Frustrated with Lack of Mobile Websites

By Mobile Development March 19, 2013

Have you ever been on the go and decided to check something quickly on the internet? You pull out your mobile device, open up your browser and type in the website address, wait aaaggees for the page to load, only to find that when it does you can’t see the information you’re after? You

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Custom Web Development for Startups

By Mobile Development May 1, 2012

“The Lean Startup” is a fantastic book by Eric Ries. It provides a fresh approach to innovation and some great tips for web startups and established businesses.
4mation Technologies offer custom PHP development and mobile website development to startups (amongst other services) as well as to established businesses, so the book was immediately of

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QR Codes and You!

By Mobile Development February 14, 2012

Smart phones are really changing the way we all view the world.  No longer do we argue who’s right and who’s wrong, we just “Google” it.  With this changing landscape we are beginning to see a rapid shift in marketing techniques pushing content to hand-held devices rather than sticking to our traditional Desktop or

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