The 4m – Episode 3

May 18, 2017 Posted in 4mation, Culture, Digital Strategy, SEO

Episode 3 of the 4m looks at our time at the UNSW Careers Expo, some videos we’ve been working on with our clients and the recent changes to our website and how important keeping your content up to date is.

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8 Ways to Increase Conversion on Your eCommerce Website

May 17, 2017 Posted in Digital Strategy, Online Marketing, SEO, Web Design

Here are a few easy ways to increase conversions and optimise the performance of your eCommerce website.

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Using SEO and SEM in conjunction to Deliver Results

February 22, 2016 Posted in Online Marketing, SEO

SEO and SEM may seem like industry buzzwords that were created to squeeze more money out of your marketing budget.
The truth, though is that search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) provide vastly different benefits for your website.

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Dramatic Change for Google Search on Your Mobile Device

April 23, 2015 Posted in Mobile Web Development, SEO, Web Design

Helping those with mobile-friendly design, hurting those who don’t – Google launch their new algorithm.

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6 Seo Tips You Need to Implement for Online Success in 2015

January 21, 2015 Posted in 4mation, Online Marketing, SEO

This month, 4mation Technologies has teamed up with SEO experts Online Marketing Gurus to offer our top tips for improving your website’s presence in search engine results. By following these three technical recommendations from 4mation and three content tips from OMG, you’re sure to get your website off to the right SEO start this

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4 Online Marketing Trends That Will Impact Your Business in 2015

December 12, 2014 Posted in Mobile Web Development, Online Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Web Design, Web Development

As 2014 draws to a close, the digital strategists and web technology experts at 4mation have put together their list of the top four online trends that business owners and digital marketing professionals need to plan for in the year ahead.

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Website Health: Checking for Broken Links and Healing Them

January 11, 2013 Posted in SEO, Social Media, Web Development

By and large, every page and piece of content on the Internet has its own unique URL – uniform resource locator. URLs are presented in search engine results, stored as bookmarks, get sent via email between people, used in website menus and within content to interconnect pages and help users navigate around the web.

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Boosting Website Traffic Through Easy Content Sharing

December 18, 2012 Posted in SEO

Used by over 14 million websites, including major brands such as Starbucks, Time Out and Nintendo, provide a robust, tried and tested platform that allows website users to easily share content they find interesting across all major social networks and via email. What’s the benefit to you though?

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Listing Your Products in Google Shopping Search Results

December 17, 2012 Posted in Mobile Web Development, SEO

Tired of seeing your competitors’ products show up with a nice photo in Google search results ahead of your regular web pages? Wondering how they do it? It’s not too difficult to achieve and 4mation can help you. Read on to find out how.

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SEO Tips (Part 1)

February 29, 2012 Posted in SEO

Driving traffic to your website is one the most important aspects of growing many businesses.
This presence allows your business to thrive and be open to the world even when you’re asleep. If you’re one of the many people that are satisfied with the way their website has been designed and how it looks

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