Team augmentation

Scale up to meet demand

We inject specialists into your team, providing hard-to-find, high-quality technical consultants.

Our team augmentation service gives you access to our specialist software and web development experts, including (but not limited to):

  • Software developers
  • React developers
  • Angular developers
  • Java developers

  • PHP developers
  • .NET developers
  • Mobile developers
  • Node.js developers
  • UX designers
  • Project managers
  • Product managers
  • Business analysts

What’s your situation?

If you:

  • Need to scale up quickly?
  • Have a project urgently due?
  • Need a specific skill set?
  • Require an experienced team to improve your solution?

Then team augmentation could be the right fit for you.

Our people will complement your staff, helping you overcome any potential skill gaps and increase your speed of delivery. Adding missing technical expertise will allow you to build the most effective team faster, scale up or down at will, and deliver your project on time.

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Staff augmentation: Integrity

In May 2018, Integrity engaged 4mation for our team augmentation service. They needed to scale-up their staff to create engaging experiences for their users and maintain a consistent level of development resource.

FAQs – Will team augmentation work for you?

How does team augmentation work?

Team augmentation is the use of external resources temporarily to augment the capacity of your organisation. The control over the project remains on your end, and you keep all the strategic competencies completely in-house, distributing the work among all team members—both in-house and outsourced.

What are the benefits of team augmentation?

– Innovation: Introduce new perspectives and ideas to your development team. Add new skills to complement your in-house capabilities.

– Savings on hiring:  Delegate the advertising, interviewing, technical assessments and reference checking to us and access developers ready to be integrated quickly.

– Control: You directly manage our people who work on-site as part of your team.

– Agility: Increase or reduce your team to meet your project demands.

– Predictable pricing: Fix your costs per resource.

What is the team/staff augmentation supplier responsible for?

An augmented staff member typically works on-site as part of the organisation’s team. The team/staff augmentation supplier is responsible for providing qualified, professional talent, and the organisation is responsible for managing that talent.

Do I need to provide team augmentation staff with equipment i.e. a laptop?

No, we handle all of the resources your staff require. We work with you to ensure the staff member is on-boarded correctly and has everything needed to hit the ground running.

Do I need to worry about sick leave, holiday leave, super or payroll tax?

When you partner with an established team augmentation supplier, you get immediate access to top talent without the usual recruitment headaches. There are no permanent costs, no need for sick leave, holiday leave, superannuation, or payroll tax. 

It’s a talent on-demand model, to either fill skills gaps or to build on your team’s existing capabilities.

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