Case Study

A mobile-first approach was taken when it came to the user journey to suit the website’s primary user – students. A simple-to-use interface, with an option to toggle between map and list view to cater for individual user preferences. New functionality like cluster listings, pricing on map markers and easy access to other key information was implemented to compliment the overall experience of the fast paced user. A facelift was given to the desktop view providing a distinct brand personality, and refreshing the overall look and feel with consistent design elements throughout. The end-result produced a clean, de-cluttered and functional website design.

Where are we now?

We are now working with flatmate on Phase 2 MVP. This will include a full Discovery workshop, Persona development, and user testing to determine best-paid product offering for its users. 4mation Technologies will continue to work with flatmate to bring current blue-sky thinking to life. flatmate is gearing up to become a global competitor in the space, creating on-site communities, offering unique and purposeful experiences, and building the brand to be the one-stop shop for all flat sharing needs.

The Client

The domain name was registered by John Stericker in 1998, and since that time, flatmate have always had an online presence providing a share accommodation matching service, in one form or another.

A major redevelopment commenced in October 2011, with the whole website and database being built from the ground up. As flatmate finalise the implementation of their next release, plans are underway for a major face-lift to complement our recently completed backend. is an existing worldwide online service that connects like-minded people for the purposes of short and medium to long-term rental accommodation. has been in operation as a global online service since November 1998. is a dedicated website aimed at helping users find a suitable flatmate, or suitable accommodation if you are looking for somewhere to live, or maybe even a short stay. is currently developed by John Stericker and 4mation Technologies.

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