Case Study

The website required a content restructure and design refresh. It was also non-responsive, so the outcome was for a complete redevelopment. As Women & Super is not First State Super’s main brand, they required a solution that was clean and quick to implement. The brief was to create a site with limited functionality and content that could easily be found and refreshed.

“Utilizing Invision to share wireframe and designs allowed a great level of collaboration and communication between 4mation and the First State Super team. Our main point of contact, Erin, could take the Invision link and send them to all necessary stakeholders, allowing us to gather all feedback in one location.” – Kym Langford, UX Designer, 4mation Technologies

The challenge was to keep the site minimal due to the budget of the project. We implemented techniques to showcase the various levels of information such as case studies, checklists, and user stories. The creative in the UX team also took data from Excel documents and created custom bar graphs in line with the new website style guide.

First State Super first came to 4mation Technologies in 2005 for a new content management system for their existing website. Since then 4mation has assisted them with a number of other solutions including email marketing, mobile website development, iPhone application development, a new microsite, and more recently, an entire front-end website redevelopment.

Where Are We Now?

We continue to provide UX Reviews to existing websites and manage their microsite, with more in development.

The Client

First State Super is one of Australia’s largest superannuation funds with more than 755,000 members working in government, education and community service roles.
Women & Super, by First State Super, aims to educate and provide practical tips to women to support and help set them on a path to financial empowerment.

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