Technologies we used

Case Study

Key Challenges

Having maintained the existing site, 4mation identified that the system was slow, expensive to maintain and would not be able to deliver the growth that Odyssey Traveller required. 4mation approached Odyssey Traveller with a recommendation to rebuild on an industry standard CMS framework that would generate increased traffic and conversion and save development time. The approach 4mation came up with was tailored to Odyssey Traveller’s budget.

Some challenges with the existing system were:

  • Old legacy code on a bespoke CMS
  • Poor SEO visibility
  • Costly to maintain
  • No ecommerce
  • Poor UX
  • Difficult for Admin users to maintain

Outcome We Met

A user-first approach was taken to development, focussing on the target audience of over 50s. The interface was created to allow users to easily navigate through Tours; based on interests or location; through expressions of interest to buying the tours. The updated CMS allows Admin to easily manage Tours, Content and truly optomise the SEO.

In order to achieve these objectives, we:

  • Reviewed business requirements of the old site
  • Identified new features
  • Reviewed the user stories to ensure site matched business logic and requirements
  • Evaluated the ongoing operating costs to owner against historic costs over the last 2 years

Where Are We Now?

Since launch Odyssey Traveller has experienced its best month in 4 years. Odyssey Traveller is continuing to deliver new improvements and features based on Analytics and user feedback.

Team Member Testimonial

Its been great to be part of the Odyssey Traveller journey, working with Mark and the Team on the importance of the digital world for the organisation moving forward. Its been rewarding to see the return on investment that the new site is already generating.

Simon, 4mation Technologies

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