Case Study

Key Challenges

 Sydney Skydivers saw that the limitations of their existing Manifest system was going to be an impediment to their future growth and took the opportunity have a new system developed that would meet their future business needs.

Some challenges with the existing system were:

  • Reponse times of the system were not where they needed to be
  • The underlying technology platform was dated
  • Future growth potential was limited, as API development was not possible
  • The system could not be transformed into as a SaaS offering

Outcome We Met

 A client-first approach was taken when it came to the user journey to suit the main user (Third-party Manifest Administrators). A streamlined interface was developed that had the ability for Manifest Administrators to easily move skydiving customers and jumpers ranging from first jump Tandems to trainee skydivers and experienced skydivers through the process from checking in, assigning them to a jump, an aircraft, through to the plane taking off and landing. The Administrators are also able to access reporting for compliance.

In order to achieve these objectives, we:

  • Documented the business logic of the new system objectives
  • Reviewed the user stories to ensure site matched business logic and requirements

Where Are We Now?

The client is continuing to deliver new features for their own business needs nationally as well as SAAS clients

Team Member Testimonial

Manifest Cloud is built with the latest technologies (Laravel and Angular) according to best practices, which makes it a really interesting project to work on and to maintain. Also, Russell is a great client to work with; he’s always open to suggestions and we have the best discussions in our sprint meetings. Everyone in the team feel personally invested in the project and would give it our best to see the project ending up being a big-win for Sydney Skydivers.

Dennis, 4mation Technologies

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