Quick SEO Tips (Part 1)

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By SEO February 29, 2012

Driving traffic to your website is one the most important aspects of growing many businesses.

This presence allows your business to thrive and be open to the world even when you’re asleep. If you’re one of the many people that are satisfied with the way their website has been designed and how it looks but wonder why there is so much little activity/traffic coming into your site, then maybe your site’s content needs to be evaluated against SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) guidelines. If it is not SEO friendly, below are a few tips that can make a huge difference in generating high volumes of traffic for your site.

Keyword Rich Content

This may be the most common factor in creating a searched engine optimized website.  As content comes in many forms, be it text, images, video, etc., having relevant key words in this content will improve  your rankings and visibility in search engines.

Page Title Tags

Your page title tags should contain all the key phrases and keywords relevant to your content.  For example, if the page is about Health Insurance, then having the words “Health Insurance” in your title creates relevance with your content. Furthermore, if there are multiple categories of Health Insurance, phrases like “Different Types of Health Insurance” or “Help Me Choose The Right Health Insurance” are acceptable and effective ways of keeping page titles keyword rich.


Whenever you type in a search query in Google or any other search engine, the results display the page title of the webpage, and also a short description. This is the META description, which should contain short but informative and relevant words to your webpage.

As much as possible, keep your META description as accurate and relevant to the content of your website.


Links come in many forms. These can be presented as text or images. If your content consists of topics, words, or key phrases that are relevant to other pages of your website, linking to those other pages is another effective way of encouraging your visitors to navigate to those pages. For example, if you’ve explained in your content the services that your company delivers and you want your visitors to contact you and make an enquiry, calls to action can take place when having such words as “Get in touch with us” or “Get a quote” that are linked to a contact form or page gives them a seamless transition between finding out what it is you do to taking the next step and making that contact.

More Tips in Part 2!

So far we have covered basic SEO tips related to keyword-rich page titles, page descriptions, and links. In Part 2 of this post, we will go into more detail about how the frequency of updating your content, design, permalinks/slugs/friendly URLs, and correct/proper usage of headings all affect your search engine rankings. These basic tips can prove to be effective in generating a high return of investment and you will be able to see just what differences these changes to your website can make.

If you need assistance in applying these tips to your website, please feel free to call us on 02 9213 1300 or contact us now and we will be more than happy to help you!

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