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Why Do You Need Great Content on Your Site?

The wording of your website makes a dramatic difference to how visitors interact with your business online, and can have a great impact on your organic search traffic.

Longer Content Gives Your Pages More Relevance

It’s been demonstrated that pages with long-form content tend to rank higher in search engines*. Indeed, pages with little to no content fail to give semantic context to a page. Longer content makes it easier for search engines to understand what a page is about and is more likely to answer a user’s questions about your company, product or service.

Engaging Content

But long-form content needs to be relevant and engaging in order to drive conversions. After all, nobody wants to read a text that has been written solely to the purpose of pleasing search engines by inserting a lot of keywords. To keep your customers engaged, you’ll need structured, insightful content that targets the right phase of their user journey.

What We Offer

Our creative team includes highly skilled wordsmiths who tailor clear, concise persuasive content for our clients.

Our written content is:

  • Quality controlled: thorough proofreading of existing content
  • Targeted: an independent eye to ensure content appeals to your target market
  • Researched: comprehensive competitor analysis and product research
  • Web-specific: content tailored to take advantage of online features

Our Copywriting Services

Product Descriptions

Give your product page more relevance to appeal to search engines, while providing your users with useful information.


Show your expertise & attract more potential customers on your site with creative and insightful content pieces.

On-Page Optimisation

We can rewrite and re-optimise the content of your site as part of a well-rounded SEO strategy.

Landing Page Content

Do your site’s category pages have little content? We can provide useful, relevant text that will increase your landing page’s’ relevance for both users and search engines.

Other Copy Services

Are you running a email, PPC or social media campaign? Get us to write your copy! We can also help you proofread and translate your ads, banners, and advertising headlines.

Anything we may be able to help you with, that’s not mentioned above? Have a look at our range of marketing services or contact us today !

Why Work with 4mation?

Our content writers and SEOs work within our UX team, ensuring a great focus on target users. This provides greater consideration of brand guidelines and ideal tone of voice. This in turn makes sure that your users feel comfortable on your site and connect with your brand.

The 4mation team works following agile project management principles, which gives greater accountability, and bring more transparency and value to our clients.

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