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Facebook continues to be the world’s leading social media platform, with an estimated 71% of all internet users registered on the network. 4mation can help your business leverage the “power of the people” and boost customer engagement by integrating your website with Facebook.

Expand your reach by plugging Facebook features into your website

The Facebook development experts here at 4mation have a number of techniques we can implement to integrate your website with Facebook and increase your brand exposure.

Likes and Shares: When people like what they see on your website, 4mation can make it easy for them to share that content with only a simple click of a “Like” or “Share” button placed alongside your content. Not only will this result in your content being shared with their like-minded Facebook friends, but people who visit your website will be able to see which of their friends have already “Liked” your product page, blog article or marketing content – as well as a tally of the total number of Facebook users who have shared it.

Comment integration: Similar to the Like and Share features outlined above, Comments integration encourages user interaction with your website by allowing your visitors to post comments on your website pages without needing to register on your website. Any comments posted are automatically linked to their existing Facebook profile – and simultaneously shared with their friends in their Facebook news feed.

Adding such features can help to drive more traffic to your website and encourage more engagement with your content through a phenomenon known as “social proof” – particularly where your website visitors have chosen to share your content and attach a personal message of endorsement.

Registration and login with Facebook: We all understand the hassle of having too many logins and passwords to remember for the various online services we use. 4mation can integrate your website registration and login process with a Facebook plugin that allows your users to use their Facebook login credentials to access your website. The benefit of this integration is that it removes the barrier of registration, so that your users can more quickly login and engage with your content.

Boost engagement on your Facebook page

Does your brand have a Facebook page? If not, 4mation can set one up for you in no time! And once you’ve got one, 4mation can help you engage your audience in unique and innovative ways by developing highly customised Facebook apps.

With advanced functionality that includes competitions, multi-channel marketing campaign pages, product microsites and even eCommerce apps where customers can checkout without even leaving Facebook, we can ensure your brand’s Facebook presence is miles ahead of your competitors.

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