Icon & Infographic Design

If your website contains data rich information that needs accompanying visual components, icons and infographics are a great way to communicate a concept with very little text and help users absorb and process information more efficiently.

Icons should draw attention to your content without distracting them, or alternatively enrich minimal content by giving it more substance. People are 30 times more likely to read an infographic rather than text. Therefore infographics are popular in marketing, as they convey data-rich content into a stimulating visual that users will respond to. The icons and infographics we design for our clients are eye-catching, professional and make information easier to understand.

What Are Infographics?

Infographics data visualisation pieces that use design elements such as illustrations, colourful charts and icons to represent information. They present complex information in a way that enhances understanding.

While infographics usually are static pieces of visual content, they can be enhanced by animations or interactive elements.

Why Use Infographics?

Infographics are an efficient way to present information as they provide a great amount of information in a small time span. This is why they are great for digital marketing campaigns and informational blog articles.

They are easy to share through social media and can generate quality backlinks, which provides great value for Search Engines.

Why Use Icons?

Icons are small pictograms that are used on computers and mobile devices. They help users navigate through interfaces. Web designers also use them as simple illustrations that give context to written content.

Using icons on a website can help users understand a site’s content, draw attention to key features, and improve user experience. Icons are a non-negligible way of improving a site’s performance and conversion rate.

Desktop and mobile app icons indicate the location of apps on devices. They help users find apps and therefore need to be as representative and memorable as possible.

Our Icon & Infographic Design Services


Want to make your written content more appealing? Our graphic designers create digital illustrations that help your users grasp your key points.

Custom Icons

Whether you are building an app, a website or a landing page, we can create icons that help your users navigate and understand your interface.

Mobile App Icons

Need a mobile app icon? Trust our creative team to design a mobile icon that will make your app stand out, help your users find it, and is in line with your brand.

Infographic Design

Do you have a lot of data you need to present in an appealing way? Our infographics help visualise your data and make it more shareable.

Why Choose 4mation’s Graphic Design Team

The Sydney-based team of graphic designers at 4mation is web-oriented. We design websites, user interfaces and design elements that help users navigate while providing a seamless interaction with your brand.

We base our designs on user research and data, so that we know who your potential customers are and how best to appeal to them.

Our entire team adopts agile project management principles that help us deliver more value to our clients every day.














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