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We build awesome mobile websites for all screens great and small.

Mobile devices have transformed the way we live, putting the digital world at our fingertips 24 hours a day, wherever we are.

This means establishing your mobile presence is more important now than ever as you have the opportunity to put your business in the pockets of your consumers and create more meaningful interactions with your users. Almost 80% of people use smartphones to search the internet, so if your business is lacking a mobile website or app, you are missing out on a huge market opportunity.

There are two types of mobile development – responsive mobile websites and native applications. We build easy to use, intuitive and responsive mobile apps and websites, designed for optimisation across all devices to keep you ahead of your competitors.

What’s a mobile website?

A mobile website is a website with a responsive, fluid design, that is user friendly on multiple devices and web browsers. A study conducted by Google and Galaxy in June 2015 found that 74% of Australians rely on their phones at least as much as they rely on desktops when searching for information, ideas or advice. This is when responsive design plays a huge role.

I already have a website, do I need a mobile site?

Because mobile devices have much smaller processors than desktop computers, traditional desktop focused websites often have problems loading on mobile devices, creating a frustrating user experience. Responsive design means your website will adapt its layout to the size of the device and switch orientation between portrait and landscape as the device is rotated. The design must also account for a touch screen interface instead of traditional curser inputs, requiring a user friendly design with clickable items.

Is a mobile website right for my business?

It depends on what the goals of your business are. Our digital consultants will work closely with you to determine the right solution to meet your objectives. Mobile websites are incredibly dynamic, so if your goal is to offer broad, mobile friendly content to the widest possible audience, which can be found on search engines, easily maintained and shared with users, than a website is best. However if your goal is to provide a function to a more targeted audience that brings value to day to day life or you need access to a user’s phone storage and native functions, then an app is probably required.

What do I have to do?

Before we commence any project, we conduct a requirements analysis, which enables us to gain a thorough understanding of your business objectives and the goals of your project. By analysing the challenges, opportunities and feasibility of your mobile website, we can provide a focused and detailed analysis and recommend the optimal solution to meet your business objectives and users needs. We will propose a suitable approach and provide you with the formal specification, outlining costs and achievable time frames.

How much is it going to cost?

The cost of your mobile website will depend on what your goals are and what your starting point is. If you consider a responsive mobile design when initially building your website, it will be cheaper and faster. Whereas an independent, more advanced website or app with sophisticated functionality will take longer to build. Our monthly Agile Innovation Packages assist you in continually improving your website or system and provide a scalable way to manage your project.

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