Requirements Analysis

 A Requirement Analysis is the first step of our development process and enables us to gain a deep understanding of your business objectives and the goals of your project.

By analysing the challenges, opportunities and feasibility of any proposed development, we can provide a focused and detailed analysis and recommend the optimal solution to meet your business objectives or users needs. We will propose a suitable approach and provide you with a formal specification, outlining costs and achievable time frames.

What is Requirement Analysis?

Requirement analysis sets the base of software development, website development, app development and web design projects. Also called requirements engineering, it is the process of establishing the expectations of users and stakeholders. A crystal clear understanding of a client’s requirements eliminates potential errors in the development process.

What Is the Requirement Analysis Process?


The first step of a requirement analysis includes identifying key stakeholders, and the first point of contact with them. Our clients will list their requirements with a high level of detail, in form of a written brief, for instance, or through meetings.

Analysis & Prioritisation

Our team then gathers all system requirements along with relevant data. We list each requirement while considering its priority, feasibility and relevance to the project.

Issue Resolution

Issue resolution is an important part of requirement analysis, as it will help raise any ambiguity and conflicting information. The prioritised requirements are documented to gather feedback and obtain sign off from the client.

Why Is Requirement Analysis so Vital to Your Project?

The process of requirement analysis is an important step that sets the foundation for a successful project. It provides requirements that are clear, concise, feasible and relevant to the project.

Requirements will guide our project management and help developers and designers remember your business goals throughout the completion of the project. They are what will make your app, website, system or product a success in the long haul.

Our Agile methodology has been refined to ensure flexibility, risk mitigation and continued quality assurance.





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