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Social Media has become the new place of communication around the world. Implementing a successful social media strategy can help you get to know and reach your audience more effectively.

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is the process of promoting businesses, products or services on social media platforms. Using the right mix of social media platforms can help a business reach its key audience.

Why Do You Need a Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Half of Australians use Facebook everyday. This is a clear illustration that social media has become one of today’s main modes of communication, giving brands the opportunity to reach out to their audiences like never before.

Today, more than a way of building awareness, social media is also a great medium for influencing purchase decisions.

As more and more brands understand this opportunity, it has become crucial for businesses to build a social media presence that can stand out from the crowd of competitors.

What We Offer

At 4mation, our digital marketing specialists can help build the right tone of voice and social media culture to reach your brand’s key audience, depending on your business goals.

Paid Campaigns

Are you launching a new product, service, blog article or PR campaign? We’ll spread the word using social media advertising.

Organic Strategy

Keeping your social media accounts up-to-date is vital but time-consuming. We’ll synchronise your social media accounts with your offline, email, and other online marketing campaigns.


Our copywriters can help set a homogenous tone-of-voice across channels and platforms.

Graphic Design

Our team of graphic designers can create engaging, audience-targeted visuals optimised for each social media platform.


A strategy can’t be measured without a clear set of KPIs. We’ll analyse each campaign’s performance and apply key learnings to future campaigns.

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Need help with your social media strategy? We are digital marketing experts and can help advertise your brand on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and more. Talk to us today!

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