CakePHP is one of the PHP frameworks we use at 4mation to build advanced functionality websites and tailor-made web applications. With an active community of developers ensuring the framework’s core is well-tested and constantly improved, CakePHP provides the perfect platform for 4mation’s developers to deliver upon your unique business requirements.

What is CakePHP?

CakePHP is a popular, open-source foundation framework for building powerful PHP applications in a structured, flexible manner. By providing a comprehensive base upon which PHP developers can build their custom applications, CakePHP increases the speed with which developers can cut through common coding tasks and jump right into tackling the unique business logic required to drive your specific project. Offering built-in data validation and sanitisation, debugging and testing, localisation, email sending, security management and cookie handling, CakePHP offers impressive out-of-the-box functionality to get your application development off to the right start.

Custom websites and web-based software built with CakePHP

If you need a highly customised eCommerce website, a tailor-made customer booking system, sophisticated back-end software or a powerful API to integrate multiple online systems, the experienced developers at 4mation Technologies can provide the CakePHP expertise you need to achieve your business objectives.

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Local Sydney-based CakePHP development team

4mation’s Sydney-based team of over 45 developers, creative professionals and digital producers offer a full-service development solution from requirements analysis through to launch, with agile innovation available to continually improve your custom application and provide technical guidance as required.

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Need us to rescue your existing development project?

If your CakePHP website or application isn’t providing the outcomes you require, or if you’re working with another CakePHP agency or in-house developer and they’re not delivering what they’ve said they would, get in touch with the experienced team at 4mation today. Many of our current clients are glad they chose 4mation to rescue their existing project and turn its performance around.

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