Sitefinity eCommerce Development

Designed to help you reach your business goals by connecting with your users, our Sitefinity development capabilities come in play to build a versatile eCommerce platform.

What Is Sitefinity?

Telerik Sitefinity is a Web Content Management System based on the ASP.NET framework. Adapted to all types of businesses, it offers eCommerce functionalities, rich user experience and a robust development environment.

Why Use Sitefinity?

Sitefinity is a CMS that offers strong capabilities to all types of businesses, from small to large online retailers, thanks to the following strengths:


The platform is fairly easy to learn, and easy to use for developers and novices alike. Its eCommerce functionality relies on the use of modules that are easy to setup.


Sitefinity offers great capabilities when it comes to developing content for mobile apps, mobile sites and responsive sites, providing a greater cross-device user experience.


Relying on the .NET framework, Sitefinity is growth-ready, offers great customisation possibilities and integration potential.

Powerful Features

The Sitefinity CMS supports eCommerce, content personalisation, social media and email integration. Furthermore, one platform can support multiple websites in different languages.

Our Sitefinity Development Services

eCommerce Consulting

Our team of strategists and technical experts can perform a requirement analysis to assess your business needs and current capabilities, and recommend the eCommerce solution that’s right for your business.

Web Design

Our UX designers and UI developers go through user research to determine your target audience’s needs. We’ll design a website that aligns their user journey with your business goals.

Web Development

Our experienced .NET developers work through your requirements to provide the features and functionalities that your eCommerce CMS will need to help drive success.

eCommerce SEO

Because the best-built eCommerce site won’t guarantee you sales, we put SEO strategies in place to that your website is visible on search engines, and captures traffic from your potential customers.

Why Trust Us with Your Sitefinity Project?

Our team of expert strategists, project managers, designers, developers and digital marketers works together using the principles of the agile manifesto.

This approach to project management provides us with a disciplined project management framework that helps bring more transparency, productivity and accountability to our projects, bringing more value to our clients every day.

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