WordPress is a powerful Content Management System that allows you to build highly-customisable sites that you can easily update over time without developer involvement.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an industry-standard website platform that has grown from humble beginnings as a blogging system all the way to running the sites of Fortune 500 companies and powering 27% of the web. WordPress has enormous developer support, tens of thousands of free style and functionality customisations, and proven continual improvement with a detailed roadmap for the future.

WordPress is an ideal platform to build your organisation’s customer-facing website for both desktop and mobile devices.

What makes WordPress unique is its focus on a clean, easy-to-use administration dashboard with powerful text and image formatting options. Many other Content Management Systems provide similar functionality but are clunky to learn and introduce abstractions that make it hard to reason where content will appear or how it’ll look on the site. WordPress can even be streamlined in a team environment to provide just the functionality useful for each user, limiting the possibility for accidental content updates and allowing content to be written but require review before being published to the world.

Beyond its built-in functionality, WordPress can be extended with an enormous collection of stylish themes and advanced features such as shopping carts, galleries, donation forms, surveys, events and booking systems, and even deep integration with credit card processors such as National Australia Bank.

Custom websites built with WordPress

If you’re looking for a way to keep your content fresh and build rapport with your customers, WordPress can be a great fit. Built-in blogging features (including video embedding), surveys, forums, and chat applets can help you reach your customers quickly and efficiently and react to their questions in real time. 4mation’s skilled developers have extensive experience in building custom features specific to both commercial and not-for-profit entities that best serve their unique audiences and achieve your organisation’s goals.

WordPress solutions

Need us to rescue your existing WordPress site?

If you’ve found your existing WordPress site isn’t providing the best outcome for your organisation’s needs, or if you’re working with another development agency and they’re not delivering what they’ve said they would, get in touch with the experienced team at 4mation today. Many of our clients are glad they choose 4mation to rescue their existing project and turn its outcomes and performance around.

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Local Sydney-based WordPress development team

4mation’s Sydney-based team of over 60 developers, creative professionals and digital producers offer a full-service development solution from requirements analysis through to launch, with ongoing development and support available to continually improve your WordPress site and provide technical guidance as required.

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