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Access a comprehensive range of solutions that protect your custom software and enhance your project's ROI.

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Maximise your ROI & minimise risk

When considering who to partner with for your project, engaging 4mation gives you access to a comprehensive suite of additional services that work seamlessly together.

Finding trusted partners for financing, R&D tax concessions, cyber security and cyber insurance can massively reduce the cost and increase pace of development, reduce project risks, and increase your peace of mind. 

But it can be costly, time consuming and error prone assessing and selecting suppliers in areas you’re unfamiliar with.

Fortunately, we’ve done this work for you, carefully curating a suite of best of breed services that integrate seamlessly with your 4mation development project. 

R&D Tax Incentives

Claim back between 18.5% to 43.5% of your eligible spend via the Australian Government’s R&D Tax incentive. This is a great way to reduce the effective cost of your project, or to reclaim funds that can be used for future enhancements after go-live.

Project Financing

Flexible funding solutions tailored to your needs. Access finance for your business to ensure cash flow doesn’t delay your project.

Cyber Security and Penetration Testing

In addition to the standard secure development processes we follow, penetration testing carried out by an independent third party helps to identify vulnerabilities, and safeguard your project against potential threats.

Keep your brand out of the wrong sort of headlines, secure confidential data and avoid government fines. Verify to suppliers, customers and investors that you take cyber security seriously. 

Cyber Insurance

Despite best efforts regarding cyber security, threats are evolving rapidly, and having a safety net for the unknown unknowns is strongly recommended. Protect your business from the financial impact of cyber incidents, freeing you to focus on innovation and growth.

Problems we solve

We specialise in solving problems using AI, software development, strategy, and design and providing staff augmentation. Our services include utilising AI for data challenges, creating custom software, aligning technology and business strategies, and providing skilled professionals to strengthen your workforce.


Strategy & Design

Our experienced digital strategists work with you to design solutions and set you up with a digital strategy that achieves your project or business goals.


Software Development

Our local software development team develop reliable and scalable custom software for innovative companies.


Artificial Intelligence

Harnessing advanced AI technology can help businesses reduce operational costs, scale resources more efficiently, improve precision, and provide exceptional customer experiences that stand out. This innovative approach streamlines workflows, minimises errors, and enables personalised and intuitive interactions, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction and fostering long-term loyalty.


Staff Augmentation

We place our local, full time software experts into your team, helping you to turbocharge performance, and deliver faster.

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