Node.js development

What Is Node.js?

Node.js takes the fast and proven JavaScript programming engine from Chrome and moves it to the server, allowing millions of developers with JavaScript experience to build entire sites and applications in the language they know best. Along with a fast, lightweight and efficient model for development, Node.js provides an opportunity for code-reuse across the entire project. Furthermore, Node.js boasts the largest ecosystem of open source code in the world, available via Node Package Manager. Unlike some other languages on the server, Node.js is inherently non-blocking and event-driven, allowing for a much larger number of individual requests to run at a time. The core language has also been massively enhanced to provide access to the local filesystem, custom network protocols, and experimental threading models to fully utilise server resources.

Why use Node.js?

Microservices and APIs

Node.js is a popular choice for creating high performing APIs and services. Setting up a new microservice can be done in a short time with the ability to scale a section of your application independently. Node.js allows you share front-end JavaScript functionality without the need to duplicate front-end functionality such as validation.

Server-side application development

Because of its non-blocking, event-driven nature, Node.js is great for the development of real-time applications with push capacity. With Node.js, both the client and server can initiate communication, allowing for the free exchange of data. This makes Node ideal for web applications such as chats, data streaming, proxies, trading software and monitoring dashboards.

Easy resourcing

Transitioning web developers to use Node.js is a much simpler process than with other languages. Because it is a JavaScript environment, its code is much closer to JavaScript Developers’ experience of front-end development. This makes resourcing for projects much easier, and the up-skilling process much shorter.

Our Node.js development services

Node.js consulting

We can help you evaluate if Node.js is the most appropriate solution for your business needs. We’ll look into breaking your goals into well-defined, clean, re-useable components, how best to structure your services, and evaluate how to distribute the work load for busy periods. Our discovery process will provide a detailed roadmap for implementation and the times and costs required to achieve your goal.

Application and API development

Our experienced Node.js web developers can create dynamic server-side applications that make your website and web apps fast and reliable.

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Project rescue

If you’ve found your existing Node.js project isn’t providing the best outcome, or if you’re working with another agency and they haven’t delivered up to your standards, get in touch with our expert team at 4mation today. Many of our clients are glad they chose 4mation to rescue their project and make it a success.

Continuous improvement

Our Agile Innovation Packages account for ongoing support, consulting and development of your web systems. We identify opportunities for improvement, and ensure that the work we do for you continues to meet and exceed your expectations.

Why work with us?

4mation’s Sydney-based team of over 80 developers, creative professionals and digital producers offer a full-service development solution from requirements analysis through to launch, with ongoing development and support available to continually improve your Node.js applications and provide technical guidance as required.

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