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Develop a competitive advantage with high quality, reliable and scalable custom software development for innovative companies.


Who should use this service

  • You want to develop a competitive advantage
  • You need to improve your customer experience
  • You need to optimise your workflow to boost productivity
  • You need your software to scale with your business
  • You need to control and protect your customer data

Benefits of custom software development

  • Features and functionality to meet your unique needs
  • Improved user experience tailored to your users
  • Own the intellectual property
  • Control your future roadmap with ongoing innovation
  • Access the ATO’s R&D Tax Concession

How custom software development works

Our software consultants in Sydney start by understanding your goals and aligning strategies to ensure project success. Understanding your users deeply, we tailor a solution that addresses their needs and behaviours while meeting your objectives.

By meticulously evaluating options, we pinpoint the ideal solution that resonates with users and ensures future adaptability, setting your project toward sustainable success.

Our Process


Understanding Goals

Our software consultants run an initial consultation to understand your goals and identify the custom solutions that we can implement.


Development proposal

We product a detailed proposal outlining the plan, including functionality, workflows, costs, timelines and any other vital information. We also dive into the User Experience (UX) of your project to ensure the custom software provides an excellent user experience for your customers.


Product development

Our software developers begins development, making incremental software and design releases which you can track through a custom Jira dashboard, displaying real-time project status.



We use the agile methodology, conducting end-to-end testing of the product every step of the way, ensuring we can minimise issues and implement your feedback and user feedback quickly before moving to the next iteration.



We deploy the tested custom solution and ensure the application is running smoothly.


Ongoing development and support

The end of the project doesn’t mean the end of our commitment to you. We’re here for you after go-live to provide ongoing development and support.

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Custom software development FAQs


How much does software development cost?

The cost depends on how complex your software project is. Check out our Develop software or an app packages for more pricing information.

Don’t see a package you like? Call us to customise your package.


What is the R&D tax incentive?

It is an initiative encouraging companies to scale up, by providing a tax offset on eligible research and development projects. Based on your company revenue, you can potentially receive between 8.5% and 43% of the expenses on R&D activities back. 


What are the roles in a development team/who will I be working with?

Our software development teams typically consist of:
– Product Manager validate your ideas, scope features and develop product roadmaps;
– UX/ UI Specialists providing insights and recommendations on top-quality user experiences;
– Project Managers manage the developers and resources. Establish and maintain communication with you to ensure your project is managed effectively and delivered on time and on budget. 
– Software Architects to define and manage technical scope and lead the software development team;
– Specialist Software Developers for every part of the development process, including front-end and back-end developers;
Testers to identify and fix issues before go-live.


Who owns the source code for my custom software?

You are granted an owned license to the software, so you own and can use and commercialise the IP as you see fit.


Do you offer support and maintenance?

Yes. We offer ongoing support and maintenance that helps you maintain, and enhance your software solution based on performance and user feedback.


How is privacy and confidentiality assured?

We have NDA’s and confidentiality agreements ready to be signed as needed.


Do you use offshore resources?

No. We are proudly Australian-owned and operated, with 100% of our staff working in Australia (primarily NSW, VIC and QLD). This means a dedicated software development team in Sydney who understands the local market, the importance of data privacy and provides timely service in AEST.


What is the difference between software and SaaS software?

Custom software enables you to tailor features and functionality to your specific needs. A great option if you want to build a competitive advantage for your organisation.  

SAAS software tends to be cheaper (at least at small scale), and is difficult to differentiate your business with as lots of companies will be using the same solution. A great option when starting out, or if using it for something that isn’t going to differentiate your business.


What are the benefits of using an Australian software development firm?

Our software consultants & software developers are Sydney-based, making communications more effective and onsite meetings simple. With over two decades of experience, you can be sure Australia’s leading software development company will build your business an industry-leading, scalable, and reliable software solution. 

Sydney software development case studies

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After an initial review, we began by consolidating all the config files into a single project. We then converted existing build scripts from Nant to Cake Build to simplify writing a more structured build process.

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This project has a tight timeframe and an elaborate list of requirements which includes being mobile responsive and SEO friendly by design.