Low-code web development

Accelerate your web projects with low-code solutions for rapid success

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Fast track the development of your project with cost-effective low-code development, bringing your ideas to market faster than ever.


Who should use this service

If you are a technology leader in one of the following situations:

  • You need to swiftly create an MVP
  • You have an idea but lack the skills/team to develop it
  • You need a quick app revision or rescue after using an offshore agency
  • You want to be able to easily modify your solution later on
  • You want to reduce the complexity of your development projects


  • Increase your speed to market with reduced coding overhead and shorter development cycles
  • Flexibility to make quick changes without the need for more developers
  • Try new ideas and workflows without incurring a large cost
  • Accelerate your digital transformation
  • Integrate with your API or other third-party systems seamlessly

How it works

We use best of breed low-code tools such as Bubble.io to develop your low-code web projects. Leverage our specialist development experience without the costs or risks associated with a full software build. 

Bring your ideas to life quickly, and get something tangible that you can easily change overtime without extensive developer resources.

Our Process



Our experienced strategists and developers workshop with you to understand your requirements and assess the best next steps.



We understand your functional and non-functional requirements. From there we plan a roadmap for the design and development of your project. We simplify and refine requirements, and priortise features to achieve the best outcome.



Our experienced design team produces wireframes that provide an exceptional user experience that resonates with your target audience. After feedback and revisions, you sign off on the final designs before we begin the build in Bubble.io.


Building workflow logic

We Implement the app’s logic and workflows using the platform’s visual development tools. This involves defining data processing, user interactions, and business rules.


Review and feedback

The project enters a testing phase during which you can interact with the application and identify opportunities and provide any feedback. We also conduct our own testing during this phase. After testing we will launch the final version of the application.

Our ongoing development and support packages are available if you require further development or improvements.

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What is low-code development?

It is an approach to building web apps that involves using visual development tools and drag-and-drop interfaces, requiring minimal hand-coding. It enables faster and more accessible web app creation for both developers and non-developers.


Do I need coding experience to use low-code platforms?

No, low-code platforms are designed to be user-friendly and require little to no coding experience. They allow business users and designers to participate actively in the development process.


Can low-code web apps be customised to suit unique business needs?

Yes, low-code platforms offer customisation options through extensions, custom code snippets, and integration with external API’s, allowing you to tailor applications to your specific requirements.


What types of applications can be built using low-code web development?

They can be used to build a wide range of applications, including customer portals, content management systems, e-commerce sites, workflow automation tools and more. 


Are low-code web apps mobile friendly?

Yes, most low-code platforms support responsive design, ensuring that web apps are accessible and user-friendly across various devices, including smartphones.


Can low-code development be used for more complex projects?

While low-code development excels at building straightforward applications, it can also handle relatively complex projects with the appropriate expertise and customisation. This depends on the complexity of your project, check out our develop software or an app packages for more complex development. 


Can low-code web apps be integrated with other systems?

Yes, many low-code platforms provide pre-built connectors or APIs to facilitate seamless integration with third-party services, databases, and legacy systems.

Case Studies


We provided two skilled specialists to fill the gaps in our client’s IT team when top talent was difficult to find. The flexibility of our staff augmentation services meant that the client could extend each contract from 6 to 12 months as their business evolved.