System integration

Integrating your systems to enable scale, accuracy and efficiency

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Synchronise your data across systems and improve customer experience and internal workflow to operate more effectively.


Who should use this service

If you are a technology leader in one of the following situations:

  • Disjointed systems that don’t share data
  • Reliant on manual data entry
  • Human error causing data accuracy problems
  • Data being out of date between systems
  • Not having timely access to data


  •  Eliminate manual data entry
  •  Synchronise data across systems
  •  Improve data accuracy and security
  •  Enable scale without more effort or cost
  •  Improve customer experience and internal workflow

How it works

Our integration specialists help you connect disparate systems seamlessly via API’s or custom integrations to enable scalability and data accuracy. Integration technologies we use include:

  • RESTful APIs 
  • GraphQL APIs 
  • Identity Management (OAuth and SSO Integrations)
  • Zapier
  • MuleSoft
  • Webhooks 
  • HubSpot

Systems we have integrated for our clients

We have a proven track record of a range of system integrations including Content Management Systems (CMS), Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM), databases, email systems and more: 

  • E-commerce, e.g. Shopify and WooCommerce
  • Accounting, e.g. MYOB and Xero
  • Customer support, e.g. Zendesk 
  • Customer order processing and workflow integration, e.g. Electronic Data Interchange
  • Payment systems, e.g. eWAY, PayPal, Direct One, Stripe, Payment Express, Westpac, St. George Bank, Commbank and ANZ
  • Social media platforms, e.g. Facebook, Twitter and Google+
  • Other systems, e.g. Google Maps, AP21, Google Merchant Services, Yahoo Location Services, MaxMind Geolocation, Temando (Shipping), Edmodo (Education), Microsoft Outlook/ Access/ Excel, Atlassian Jira, Confluence, BitBucket, Tempo, Slack, Google Docs, Google Sheets, GSuite
  • Custom hardware
  • HR Platforms, e.g. WorldManager and BambooHR

Our Process



We identify the systems to be integrated, what data needs to be shared and when. We review how those systems allow data to be accessed, and the best method of integration – whether it’s using an off-the-shelf platform like Zapier or Mulesoft, or manually integrating by developing or connecting an API.



Once the integration has been developed/implemented, it’s tested on a staging environment to ensure it works seamlessly, and once it meets your approval – we launch.


Post launch

Our team is available to monitor your integration and to provide proactive recommendations post launch via our Agile Innovation Packages.

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Do I need to have an API to enable integration?

Not necessarily. Often we can integrate systems via direct database access or by building an API for you.


Can you integrate my custom solution?

Yes, provided your system can provide access to the data (or if we can access the database directly). To find out if your system can provide the access required, contact us.


What data can’t you integrate?

If a system won’t provide any access to the data you need, integration can be difficult. Even then, often there are workarounds. Contact us to discuss your situation.


When should I use an off-the-shelf integration like Zapier or Mulesoft vs developing a custom integration?

In most cases, an off-the-shelf integration is sufficient. However, custom solutions may be suitable for you if you have specific security or scaling considerations. Contact us to discuss your situation.


What system integrations have you been successful in delivering?

Our expertise covers a broad range of system integrations covering comprehensive end-to-end business systems from E-commerce, sales systems, inventory management systems and HR systems. Read about our system integrations case study here.


Do API integrations enhance security?

Yes. By accessing your data via an API, authentication and security can be implemented, monitored, and governed. You can ensure that the data is only accessed as intended.


I want ongoing maintenance and updates on my system, which engagement model is suitable?

If you require ongoing assistance and maintenance of your system, our Agile Innovation Packages will be suitable for you.

Case Studies

National Association of Testing Authorities

With over 5,000 active users, the custom-built web portal enables efficient communication, better collaboration and an improved user experience for NATA and their stakeholders.

Software development Technology

Rebuilding an electronic data exchange (EDI)

By integrating business systems and automating tasks, we helped remove key-person dependency for a high-end beverage distributor. 4mation ensured efficiency in processing orders so that our client could serve their customers better.