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Bring your digital vision to life by building innovative, and user-friendly websites, enabling you to convert more visitors into valuable customers.


Who should use this service

You are a technology leader in need of end-end website development services and in one of the following situations:

  • You are struggling to convert visitors into customers
  • Your existing website doesn’t do a good job of representing your brand
  • You want to improve your site with fresh ideas and insights
  • Your competitors are outperforming you on organic search
  • You need to rescue a website worked on by an offshore agency or inexperienced developer


  • End-to-end design and website development
  • Implement the latest technologies
  • Accessible on all device types
  • Increase conversion rates
  • On time and on budget

How it works

Our expert web design and development team works across leading web technologies to bring your digital vision to life. We provide total transparency on project status, priorities and development progress – collaborating with you every step of the way.

Whether it is a new custom website, redevelopment of an existing site or website migration – we deliver high-quality and scalable solutions to help your business succeed.

Our Process



We start by establishing your goals. We discuss your digital vision and what success means for you and your business (Eg: Increasing conversion rates, enhancing user experience, complete redesign etc).

Whether it is a custom design or redevelopment, we identify the features that will generate the greatest impact for your business.


Ideas and solutions + design (if needed)

We consider the market, your competition and best practice from other industries to deliver solutions tailored to your situation. Our design team is available to assist with User Experience and User Interface design.


Build, test and review

Once we have agreed on a solution, our expert website development team start work on your website. You can have access to log in to your own dashboard displaying real-time project status and progress. After testing, we provide regular releases into a staging environment for your review and feedback.


Post launch

We provide ongoing support for your website post-launch. Our team is available to respond to requests, make proactive recommendations and assist with ongoing innovation and performance improvement.

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Do you outsource your website development, or is it done locally here in Australia?

All of our development is done here in Australia. Your project is delivered by our local developers based in Sydney, Melbourne and the Sunshine Coast. No part of your web solution is developed offshore


Can you integrate my website with another solution?

Yes. We can help you integrate systems or components, and have experience integrating a range of solutions from small custom applications to large ERP’s.


Do you provide ongoing support and maintenance for my website?

We have 3 engagement models you can choose from – project deliveryagile innovation packages and staff augmentation. Project delivery is recommended for one-off engagements. If you are looking for a longer-term engagement, check out our agile innovation packages and staff augmentation packages.


How often should I review my website?

This depends on the importance of your website to your business and the scale of your operations. Eg. A high-performing e-commerce platform should be reviewing performance statistics and conversion rates on a weekly or even daily basis. A mid-sized service business with low traffic may review its performance monthly.

Having scheduled website performance reviews to ensure you’re acting on insights, and out-innovating your competitors are essential to maximising the value of your site.


What platform technologies can I choose from when developing my website?

This depends on your website requirements (custom coded vs pre-built). We have a wide range of technologies and platforms to choose from – view all available technologies here.

Don’t know which to pick? Call us if you’d like a recommendation based on your situation.


I already have a design for my site, can you help me develop it?

Yes. You can engage us at any stage of your project – strategy, scoping, UX and UI design, development, testing, or even after go-live to add features or improve the performance of your site.

Case Studies


Hillsong came to us to build a new website that would serve their international community with timely and geographically relevant information.

Steel Builders

Solving dynamic pricing challenges and enabling smooth transition to Shopify – 4mation helps Steel Builders create an easy-to-use and intuitive e-commerce website.