Mobile app development

App development and scalable, market-winning mobile solutions

Drawing on 22+ years of experience, our local development experts help you get your app market-ready with high-quality development.


  • Guaranteed talent and expertise
  • End-to-end strategy, design and development
  • Enhance customer engagement and experience
  • Pay upfront or invest in your project incrementally
  • Project delivered on time and within budget

Who should use this service

You are an entrepreneur or leader in one of the following situations:

  • You need to build an MVP
  • You want to reach more customers with a mobile solution
  • You have a brief or specification and want to validate it
  • You have an idea but don’t have the skills/team to build it
  • You need to rescue a project worked on by an offshore agency or inexperienced developer

How it works

Our mobile app developers based in Australia boast a blend of strategy, creativity and technical expertise to build you a market-winning product for your target audience. We have over 21 years of providing mobile app development services.  We have successfully developed iOS apps, Android apps and cross-platform applications for startups, scaleups and enterprises.

We adopt a secure and scalable approach to innovation and application development. This means we conduct frequent in-depth code reviews and performance tests to deliver high-quality, maintainable mobile solutions. 

Mobile app developers in Australia sydney

Our process



We start by understanding your idea’s market potential and suggest ways to make your idea bulletproof. We document your functional and non-functional requirements and devise a strategy and roadmap for the design and development of your app.


UX/UI design

Our design team ideate, prototype and iterate to deliver a design that stands out and provides an exceptional user experience. Our designers and strategy team work collaboratively to develop wireframes and prototypes that resonate with your target audience.


Build, test and review

Once the scope and design are decided, our development team starts working on your mobile app. Our agile process allows continuous testing, improvements and fine-tuning. This ensures a stable and secure final product.


Post Launch

Our team is available to respond to your requests and post-launch enquiries. Our Ongoing development and support are available if you require ongoing innovation and enhancement of your mobile app.

Mobile app developers in Australia sydney

We are ready to help


Do you outsource your development, or is it done locally here in Australia?

All of our development is done here in Australia. Your project is delivered by our local developers based in Sydney.  No part of your project is developed offshore. Check out our Developing software or an app packages to find out more.

How long does it take to develop my app?

It depends on your project requirements. It can range from two weeks to twelve months depending on the complexity of the app you’d like developed. Contact us if you’d like an estimate based on your situation.

How much does it cost to build my app?

It depends on your app requirements. The apps we work on range from $50,000 to $500,000 depending on the size of the application. Call us if you’d like an estimate based on your situation, or purchase one of our packages here

What are the benefits of developing a mobile app?

Mobile is here to stay, so developing a mobile app to further engage with your target market and improve user experience can help with conversions and engagement.

However, you should only develop a mobile app if it serves a unique demand in your target market. It’s crucial to ensure that your mobile app integrates into your broader business strategy and delivers value to your business in the long run.

Should I develop on iOS and Android?

It depends. You can develop for just iOS or just Android, or you can develop two native applications – enabling your app to be on both app stores. Developing a hybrid solution enables you to build once and deploy on both platforms, but isn’t suitable for all types of apps.

Ultimately the best option depends on your circumstances and target market – contact us for guidance on what’s going to offer the best outcome for your situation.

How do I keep track of my project?

We provide clear and regular updates throughout the project. You will have access to a customised dashboard in JIRA to view project updates, status and progress. You will also get instant chat access to our development team via Slack. Check out our ongoing development and support packages to access a million dollar team at a fraction of the cost.

I have a project developed by a previous agency but it’s not up to standard. Can you help me fix it?

Yes. We help rescue existing projects and have experience turning projects around to achieve business goals with our rescue an existing project packages.

Case studies

The Athlete’s Foot

Implementing a new in-store fitting system called FITZI, determining a customer’s gait, foot type, foot pressure and shape.

When it comes to high-quality app development, 4mation’s expertise and client support are second to none.

Emma Sellwood Corporate Retail Manager, The Athlete’s Foot