AI Prototype Giveaway

Leverage our specialists to validate your AI idea or explore what is possible with our AI Prototype giveaway.

Here is your chance to win an AI Prototype and skyrocket ahead of the competition. Enter this exclusive giveaway valued at $15,000!

Access cutting-edge technologies and ensure you don’t get left behind in the AI revolution. Here is just a few ways you could apply the prototype:

  • Explanation of concepts – for content that is complex or has lots of jargon, AI can help users understand terms and content.
  • Chatbot – Interpreting questions and providing useful responses 24/7. 
  • Process automation – automate time-consuming processes prone to human error to save time and resources.
  • Summarisation – taking data from one place, however disorganised it may be, and summarising it.
  • Content Creation – Enabling users of all levels to apply your consistent brand voice, and create volumes of content.
  • Personalisation – Creating amazing creative content, but personalised for a specific customer or user. 

Top Giveaway Prize
Win an AI Rapid Prototype worth $15,000

Our Head of Engineering and Head of Strategy work closely with you to develop an AI prototype that aligns with your business goals. Together, we choose the right data subsets and bring the prototype to life using the best AI tools.

After testing and feedback, we provide a roadmap that maps out how we can implement the AI solution, including timeframes, costs and resources needed.

Secondary Giveaway Prizes
Win 1 of 5 AI Strategy Consultations worth $3,000

Our strategists will run a workshop with your key decision makers, exploring AI’s potential applications for your business to address specific needs, challenges and value metrics. We will evaluate your data quality and suitability for AI, assist in improving data readiness, and assess your existing capabilities.

The outcome? A comprehensive report with prioritised AI and non-AI project options, including a pilot project with specific three-month goals.

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