AWS well-architected review

Find out how your AWS environment holds up against the AWS Well-Architected Framework and spot high Impact, low effort improvements against risk, cost, and more.

Our comprehensive AWS well-architected framework review provides a pragmatic evaluation of your AWS cloud workloads, identifying potential risks, and providing actionable recommendations to achieve optimal performance, security, reliability, and cost efficiency.


  • Improve the efficiency of your AWS workloads
  • Mitigate high and low risks before they happen
  • Reduce costs and optimise resource utilisation
  • Continuous compliance and improvement, ensuring you are following best practices
  • Build and deploy faster

Who should use this service

You are a technology leader in one of the following situations:

  • You are looking to optimise an existing AWS infrastructure
  • You are planning to implement an AWS infrastructure
  • Your current infrastructure is having performance or scaling issues
  • You want to ensure your infrastructure is compliant and secure against AWS frameworks
  • You want to optimise your AWS costs


The 6 pillars of AWS’ well-architected review

Operational excellence

Optimise operations for efficient, and secure management of applications and infrastructure. 


Protect systems, data, and assets while delivering business value through strong security practices and controls.


Ensure system recovery, scalability, and continuity.

Performance efficiency

Optimise resource utilisation and ensure efficient system performance.

Cost optimisation

Manage and optimise costs in AWS without sacrificing performance, security, or reliability.


Minimise the environmental impacts of running cloud workloads. While AWS is responsible for the sustainability OF the cloud, its customers are responsible for sustainability IN the cloud.

How it works

As a certified AWS partner, we work with you to review and analyse your cloud environment to determine how well it aligns with best practice as defined by AWS’ Well-Architected Framework. You will receive an actionable roadmap to address opportunities to improve your workload’s design with your business goals in mind.  

What you get

  • An open, honest, and insightful conversation around your workload’s architecture
  • A recommendation report with high risk Issues identified and estimated
  • Funding from AWS for remediation
  • A roadmap for longer term best practice improvements
Staff augmentation team working in the office

Our process

  1. Initial discussion to assess fit.
  2. We conduct a confidential review of your design artefacts and documentation.
  3. We run a 2 hour conversation with your team, and identify high impact/high risk issues and estimate effort required.
  4. We run a recommendation report walk through with your team, where we explain our findings and we can prioritise components of the roadmap.
  5. Submit your AWS funding request to help with the costs.
Staff augmentation team working in the office

We are ready to help

Case studies

ClearAds & Free TV

Ensuring operational continuity and improved user experience: ClearAds & Free TV


Multi-site infrastructure empowering global team

The 4mation team work collaboratively with the ClearAds team – they are always willing to help and quick to respond to any issue that arises. Consistent and continuous communication with the 4mation team is key and ensure that we work effectively together to come up with the best possible solution for ClearAds customers and our members.

Alison Lee Director, ClearAds and Free TV Commercial Operations