Monitoring dashboard delivered to market in just two weeks

Hyprfire, an Australian leader in active cyber defence solutions, partnered with 4mation to enhance its network detection and response (NDR) services. This case study highlights how we delivered a game-changing Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to provide Hyprfire customers with real-time network performance insights.

The story

Hyprfire has experienced international growth by empowering existing IT teams with advanced threat hunting capabilities. 

The leader in cyber defence had initially developed Firebug, a proprietary monitoring system that had proven invaluable to busy IT staff. Firebug significantly reduced the time and effort required for network monitoring, bolstering the cybersecurity defence capabilities of its users. 

Hyprfire clients were increasingly requesting the ability to access and analyse their own network data in real-time to make informed decisions by comparing historical trends. To continue to deliver a market-leading offering with a competitive edge, they reached out to us to assist with a rapid prototype of their monitoring system.

Hyprfire Case Study MVP

The challenge

After recognising a gap in client needs for monitoring real-time insights, Hyprfire sought a solution and turned to our team to help them develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). The catch? The tight two-week timeframe. 

Given this constraint, having Hyprfire’s existing dev team partner with our local Australian team was a strategic decision. The locality ensured a responsive approach to address any potential blockers or challenges that might arise throughout the project.

To meet Hyprfire’s budget and expedite development with minimal risk, our team also employed the Tremor UI component library, allowing the project team to swiftly create a library of pre-created data visualisations without custom code. This saved time and cost, and ensured the reliability of components as they had already undergone several rounds of testing.

The system included several key components:

  • Dashboard – dynamic interface that provides real-time insights into network performance through interactive line graphs and pie charts, showcasing various data points relevant to the network’s security.
  • Filters – empowering users to analyse historical data by date, enabling direct comparisons and informed decision-making.
  • Investigation tab – a dedicated section featuring a line graph displaying historical performance metrics, such as network uptime, helping users track trends and identify potential vulnerabilities.
  • Logging system – enabling users to review past searches, including specific date ranges and data points, facilitating a comprehensive understanding of network behaviour.
  • Devices tab – offering users the ability to retrieve real-time data for specific devices or networks using unique codes or account IDs, enhancing customisation and usability.

Hyprfire logo

The result

Our partnership with Hyprfire resulted in the creation of a cutting-edge MVP, showcasing the company’s commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions in the realm of cybersecurity.

We successfully delivered the MVP within two weeks, enabling Hyprfire to gather real-world user feedback. The product aligned with the client’s goal of providing customers with a platform for real-time network performance monitoring. Thanks to our team’s expertise and agile scrum methodology, the rapid prototype was delivered on time and within budget, ensuring exceptional project management and visibility for Hyprfire.

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