Providing senior software specialists to augment an internal development team for short-term projects

In 2022, the tech skills shortage in Australia caused a major obstacle for businesses, with 46% of them identifying a lack of talent as their greatest challenge. Our client faced a similar challenge finding the right tech talent to support their digital transformation. We found them two specialists on-demand to fill the gaps in their development teams.

The story

Our client is a not-for-profit that works with a wide range of Australian industries to provide pathways for business and government bodies to enhance their economic impact, enabling businesses to provide services safely and reliably.

The challenge

As a rapidly growing organisation, our client had new projects to support their growth, which required expanding their workforce with more senior tech roles.  However, their not-for-profit status made it hard to justify the substantial increase in remuneration for tech roles that has occurred in recent years. This led to difficulty in hiring the right people, particularly with increased competition from other businesses remunerating in the top quartile. 

The internal hiring process was also costly in terms of time, resources, and money, often resulting in candidates who were not a good fit or ended up accepting other offers. Overall, the process was disrupting the team structure and curtailing stakeholder outcomes.

Our staff augmentation services helped the client fill the gaps in their development teams with guaranteed, high-quality candidates and the flexibility to scale up or down as their business evolved. After being briefed by the client, we provided the below specialists:

  • Tech Business Analyst 
  • Project Manager 

Our project manager, Krishna, was particularly impressive, leading our client’s Salesforce enhancement project. He brought an innovative approach, while also adapting to our client’s way of working. His work has greatly improved stakeholder engagement and customer satisfaction scores which had consistently fallen short of targets. Of Krishna our client said, “He was fully engaged in his work, always looking for ways to improve efficiencies, identifying problematic processes, and always came with a solution.”

Our client was impressed by our focus on long-term engagements and our dedication to identifying the right cultural and technical fit. They observed a significantly higher success rate with our recommended candidates, compared to those provided by other agencies. 

Supplementing our client’s staff with our specialists provided fresh insights and ideas, better team cohesion and a higher retention of staff. Our specialists also made improvements in sprint planning, making them more outcome-focused, providing an enhanced customer experience to their stakeholders, and providing them with a clear roadmap that makes sense to their business. 

The result

We provided two skilled specialists to fill the gaps in our client’s software development team when top talent was difficult to find. The flexibility of our staff augmentation services meant that the client could extend each contract from 6 to 12 months as their business evolved.

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