Case Study

CanTeen supports young people when cancer turns their world upside down and helps them cope with the physical, emotional and practical impact of living with cancer. CanTeen are driven by the belief that no young person should have to face cancer alone.

Requirements Analysis and Scoping

CanTeen wanted to create an online platform to allow young people affected by cancer to access support and resources online and to provide a forum for sharing and discussing their situation. 4mation’s dedicated project managers and producers helped scope the project and define requirements to make the project a success.

Custom Website Development

4mation designed and developed a custom responsive website to meet the goals of the project. The major challenges of the project were the complex custom development work  and the tight time-frame for release. Some of the key features of the custom development were:

  • Public and restricted access to the website
  • Unlocking more sophisticated functionality depending on user level
  • Dedicated content and forums dynamically displayed based on user situation (e.g. “I have cancer”, “Parent has cancer”, “Sibling has cancer”, etc.)
  • Completely responsive design from mobile phone through tablet up to full desktop browser
  • Security of the young person’s data

The website also allows users to interact with each other via creating a variety of forms of content including blogs, forums, video testimonials and live chat.

The site was launched successfully in April 2014. Preview the community on CanTeen’s website.


Ongoing Development and Support

4mation continue to provide ongoing development and support for the online platform. 14.

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