System integration

Are you wasting time moving data from your website to your various business software systems? Do you wish all of your systems could automatically talk to each other in real time?

Most web-based systems we use today to run our businesses and manage our important commercial data offer APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), allowing them to connect with your website and each other to share information back and forth instantaneously. Integrating your various online software systems will help you do business smarter, faster and more affordably than ever before.

What is system integration?

System integration refers to the combination of various enterprise applications, in order to improve business reporting and decision-making processes. Business subsystems then communicate in real time, functioning together as one system.

Benefits of system integration

Integrating your systems can offer a range of benefits for your business including:

Increased efficiency of business processes

Orders and bookings made on your website can be validated instantly and processed automatically, with updates shared amongst all stakeholders and business partners in real time

Improved accuracy of information

With data being fed between your systems automatically, the chance of introducing human error is reduced – and your stock levels and financial records remain constantly up-to-date.

Reduced operational costs

Automating your business processes means that staff can spend less time copying information from one system to another, while integrating useful web services from the likes of Google and PayPal into your website can add powerful functionality without the cost of developing from scratch.

Our system integration services

Our local Sydney-based team of software developers, project managers and designers work with your requirements to integrate your business processes into one system.

Our application integration services include, but aren’t limited to:

Requirements analysis

Our strategists work with you to define and analyse your business requirements. This is the first step to designing your centralised enterprise system.

Custom software development

Our team of software developers work with your existing software to create a fully-functioning integrated system tailored to your requirements.

UX, UI & graphic design

Depending on your requirements, our team of User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI) and graphic designers work to understand the needs of your staff, the ideal business processes, and design a custom interface for your centralised system.

Project management

Through thorough planning, defined milestones and comprehensive progress tracking & reporting, we deliver projects on time and bug-free. Our job management system keeps us on top of every aspect of a project. It lets gauge how much the project will cost and how long each stage will take.

Systems we’ve integrated for our clients

  • Accounting systems such as MYOB and Xero
  • CRM systems including and SugarCRM
  • Customer support systems including Zendesk
  • Payment systems such as eWAY, PayPal, Direct One, Payment Express, Westpac, St George Bank, Commbank and ANZ
  • Social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Google+
  • Other systems such as Google Maps, AP21, Google Merchant Services, Yahoo Location Services, MaxMind Geolocation, Temando (Shipping), Edmodo (Education), Microsoft Outlook/ Access/ Excel… even integrating with custom hardware!

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