Website migration

Have you decided it’s time to change your website hosting provider? Do you need to migrate your existing website from one server to another to cope with increased traffic? The website and software development specialists at 4mation can manage the move for you to minimise stress and downtime.

Transferring your website to another host

If your current website hosting provider is letting you down with unreliable servers, slow data transfer speeds or poor customer service, it’s probably time to move your website to a better home. No matter who is currently hosting your website, 4mation can help you select an appropriate host and move your website from its existing location.

Upgrading your server

Perhaps your business is booming and your website or software has outgrown the server it’s currently hosted on. Upgrading to a server with higher traffic capacity, or from a shared server to a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or even a dedicated server, is something that the 4mation team are happy to help with. We can provide consulting on your server requirements, recommend a hosting provider to meet your needs and help you make the move.

How can 4mation help manage my website move?

Whether you’re transferring your website to another host or migrating it from one server to another, it’s important to ensure that your move is managed by technicians who fully understand all of the technical and logistical requirements. With our expert team managing your website migration, you can rest assured that we:

  • Minimise downtime: We understand how important it is for your website to be available to customers at all times, so we do everything in our power to minimise (or eliminate altogether) the length of offline time required during your website transfer.
  • Retain all files, databases and functionality: Our website development specialists have an in-depth understanding of the components required to keep your website functioning. When we migrate your website, we make sure that everything is accounted for and that’s it’s all configured properly to guarantee continued service.
  • Thoroughly test your website: During and after your migration, our dedicated testing team thoroughly test your website to ensure that it continues to function as it should. Any issues identified can then be quickly addressed by our development experts.

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