CodeIgniter Development

Our developers using CodeIgniter for rapid web development, as it provides a logical structure and a library of reusable interface components.

What Is CodeIgniter?

CodeIgniter is a powerful, lightweight open-source PHP development framework. Our PHP developers use CodeIgniter to use dynamic websites and web applications in PHP.

Why Use CodeIgniter?


CodeIgniter has a small footprint, meaning it’s a lightweight framework that permits fast development with little overhead. This results in fast performance compared to other frameworks.


The CodeIgniter development framework comes with built-in security tools, allowing for a customised approach to security within your web app. Some security features can be enabled, while a few others apply by default.


A lot of modularity and reusability comes with using a ready-made framework such as CodeIgniter. Following CodeIgniter guidelines also allows for better maintainability of applications, as the code will be easy for anyone to understand.

Easy setup

It’s very easy to get going with CodeIgniter as it requires little to no initial configuration.

Our CodeIgniter Development Services

Digital Consulting

Our strategists work with you to refine and assess your requirements, allowing us to work out the development processes and technologies best adapted to your business.

Custom PHP Development

Our team of specialist CodeIgniter developers can work around with requirements to build powerful web apps and websites in PHP.

Project Rescue

Are you not happy with the output of your existing web development project? Our team of dedicated PHP developers and project managers can pick your project up and turn it into a success.

Continuous Improvements & Support

Web development is rarely done once your new web application is live. Receive ongoing support, continuous improvement and digital consulting with our Agile Innovation Packages!

Why Work with Us?

Our Sydney-based team of 60+ developers, designers, project managers and marketers work together following our core values and agile principles.

This ensures we apply disciplined project management methods to respond to our clients’ business needs. We help them succeed by building solutions that people love to use!

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