Zend Framework

What Is the Zend Framework?

Zend Framework is an open source PHP Framework. It’s an object-oriented framework and consists of a collection of professional PHP-based packages.

The main creator of Zend Framework is Zend, a Rogue Wave Company. However, many other users have contributed to the creation of Zend components and features, including Google and Microsoft.

Why Use Zend?

One of the Most Complete Frameworks

Zend is one of the most complete frameworks as it has a wide variety of components. From creating user authentication forms to RSS feeds, Zend has components for almost anything.

Use Only What You Need

Zend Framework is only a collection of classes, meaning that a project doesn’t have to be written only out of ZF components. One can simply take advantage of individual ZF libraries and use them in existing applications, instead of creating a fully functional ZF project.

Integrate with Anything

It is very easy to integrate Zend in other frameworks, as well as integrating other frameworks into ZF. Popular integrations with Zend include Doctrine and Symfony.

High Standards & Guidelines

Zend Framework’s Contributor Guide states that contributors must sign an agreement, test their code and adhere to strict coding standards. This ensures that only high quality, readable code is part of the framework.

Object-oriented & Makes Code Reusable

Zend Framework is an object-oriented framework. Everything is an object in Zend, which makes code reusable and saves developers a lot of time.

Our Zend Framework Development Services


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