4mation Webinar Series | The Innovation Blueprint: From Idea to $100M Valuation

4mation Technologies

4mation Technologies

Whether you’re on your own entrepreneurial journey, or considering a software project or platform build for a business you work in, our recent webinar discussion was an excellent place to learn from one of the best.

With the help of successful serial entrepreneur Rafael Niesten, Founder and CEO of market leading prop-tech business Proptech Labs, we covered a range of topics including:

  • Ideation and achieving product-market fit
  • Practicalities of design, development and testing
  • R&D funding, cybersecurity, insurance
  • Ongoing innovation & AI

About Rafael Niesten

Rafael has a passion for innovation and technology, especially disruptive technologies that can reshape the market place, allowing consumers and business operating in old world environments, with dated processes the ability to transform using technology that was previously not possible. He has startup in his DNA and is a serial entrepreneur and technologist that has worked across a diverse range of industries.

Proptech Labs now serves over 2,500 real estate agencies, over 5 million property owners and tenants, 60,000 trades, 18,000 property managers and more than 13 million completed inspections. It’s a genuine disruptor of the property industry and winner of the Proptech award for the most innovative property and facilities management solution. In May last year they acquired one of their competitors for $8million, and are now going hard at the $21 billion property management market.

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