Project delivery

Agile delivery for milestone projects – partnering with you to deliver work on time and on budget.

One-off project delivery is an engagement model for software development that uses a milestones & deliverables approach. We work with you through the discovery phase to establish project specifications, clearly define the scope, and agree with you on the timeline and deliverables to achieve key project milestones. 

Choose a one-off project delivery model when you have a fixed scope of work and fixed time for delivery or a limited budget. It’s the best approach to software development when project requirements and the deliverable specifications are clearly defined and unlikely to change during the build.

If you want to continuously adapt the product to keep up with the latest trends or change some parts of the functionality during the development cycle, our Agile Innovation Packages will be a better fit.

Is it time for a project rescue?

When projects continuously go over time and over budget, you’re usually dealing with an agency that lacks the necessary resources or processes to scale on demand. If you find yourself constantly paying good money for subpar work that’s riddled with technical debt, it’s time for a project rescue. 

A proven process

We provide clear and regular updates throughout the project. You get 24×7 access to a customised dashboard in our project management system (Jira) to view real-time project status, priorities, and progress.


What are the signs that you need a project rescue?

– History of broken promises
– Unexplained delays and technical debt
– Lack of visibility on progress
– Lots of jargon and slow to respond
– No understanding of the business model
– Solution not aligned with business goals
– Significant technical debt, system glitches, and incompatible plugins
– Failed integration with third-party systems
– Websites that failed to address core business goals/ the solution was not fit for purpose
– Websites that weren’t user-friendly and failed to convert visitors to customers

What tools do you use to manage the project?

We use Confluence, a collaborative knowledge management platform, to manage project scope and workflow. Confluence is integrated with Jira, our project management system, to manage the development project. Apart from access to these tools, you also get instant chat access to the development team through Slack – our go-to instant messenger.

Rethink your tech challenges

4mation delivered a complex, highly customised website within a tight timeframe and exceeded our expectations in terms of design and user experience

John Friedsam Project Coordinator, CanTeen

Complete transparency throughout the project

Our software development processes refined over 20 years guarantee we deliver your project on time and on budget. We use the best of breed collaboration toolset from Atlassian to provide you with complete transparency and control throughout the project.

Engagement models comparison

Not sure which engagement model to choose for your project? Here are some key points to help you decide.

Project deliveryAgile innovation packagesTeam augmentation
Project sizeAnyAnyLarge
Project typeOne-offOngoingOngoing
Project requirementsDefinedFlexibleFlexible
Project management4mation4mationYou

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