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Sacha Henry

Sacha Henry

Marketing Manager

Building software that suc­ceeds and helps our clients reach their goals is what dri­ves us. Over the past 21 years, we have consistently helped our clients achieve their potential by delivering solutions that people love to use.

But how do we prove it?

We’ve put together some recent examples of what our clients are saying about us. 

Shopify migration helps increase conversion rate by almost 30%

We recently had the chance to work with a steel supply company that needed a Shopify migration. They found that Shopify was more user-friendly than their Magento-based website and wanted to refresh its website’s look and feel. Our client had a range of custom structural steel items that required third-party apps to calculate the price depending on the steel’s weight, length and finish. This added complexity to the migration.

“We have only been launched for one month but have already seen our conversion rate grow significantly (almost 30% compared to the previous period). We have also received lots of positive feedback about the ease of use of the new website and site speed from internal staff and customers. Plus, the communication I had with the 4mation team was great! If I had a question, they always answered promptly. If they didn’t know the answer to a question, they would investigate this for us” – Marketing Executive, Steel Supplying Company

Shopify Migration for Steel Supply company review

How did we work with the client?

So how did we receive this glowing 5-star review? We have highlighted five key points that helped us achieve the amazing result:

  • Our ballparks were not based on assumptions – we did the research and were able to justify how and why.
  • We clearly defined all of the deliverables and milestones up-front, and assigned responsibilities using simple checklists.
  • No tech speak – we communicated with them in person and didn’t bamboozle them
  • We helped solve their dynamic pricing challenge, building a new quote request form for the Steel supply company and implementing this on the new site.

For more information on this Shopify migration, check out the full review on our clutch listing.

Leaders in design

We are also featured as one of the leading developers on Top Design Firms. A sister company to Clutch, Top Design Firms compiles and organises companies offering design and development services. It aims to help buyers find the right company for their project. When looking for an agency for your next project, ensure they understand crucial timeframes, your brand, challenges, USP and what you want to achieve. This will enable you to get maximum value from your investment.

A great example of how we aligned with business goals is through our work with Serendis Leadership, where we provide UX, design and development expertise to transform and enhance its core digital product MentorKey. Through refinement and customisation of the product, we work hand-in-hand with Serendis Leadership to transform MentorKey into an easy-to-use, intuitive SaaS platform.

Core digital product MentorKey

Our design work has developed into a long-term partnership, enabling scalability and user growth for Serendis Leadership. For more information about our work with Serendis, check out our case study.

“It was important that we partnered with an organisation who really cares about our goals, and challenges us with different perspectives. We also have high expectations about our partners’ internal culture, the way they support their people and manage risks and these requirements were absolutely met by 4mation.”

Maud Lindley Founder and Director – Serendis Leadership

It starts with a conversation

Passion, transparency, and teamwork are not just words on paper to us. It’s a culture we live and breathe every day and something that can be felt when you’re working alongside our team or meeting us for the first time. 

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