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Billie Fowler

Billie Fowler

Head of People & Culture

4mation Technologies is a process-driven company. We’ve been in business for twenty years—several generations in online terms!—and we’ve had a lot of time to refine our systems.

Always open to client feedback, we have redesigned our processes a number of times to reach the best way to work with customers including the likes of The ABC, Sydney Roosters and Kennards Self Storage—clients that needstable, reliable solutions that necessitate the highest quality processes in the industry.

Its our company mission to rid the world of poor quality web solutions, and this lies at the heart of all of our processes. We are passionate about our solutions and work hard to understand your business objectives and vision to deliver the best possible product. We have different methods through which to build your solution, depending on your situation:

  • The waterfall method: a step-by-step method where the distinct development phases flow downwards like a waterfall. Typically workflow starts with the requirements analysis then design, implementation, and testing, before reaching ongoing development and support. This method involves a large investment of time upfront for project managers, developers and clients alike to ensure specifications and designs are top-notch before coding begins. However, this investment produces a high degree of certainty in terms of expected timeframes, costs and quality of the finished solution.
  • The agile method: a more cyclical method, where a project undergoes short but intense cycles of planning, coding, review and testing, before moving to next cycle. In this sense the agile method is much more flexible than waterfall and better able to deal with loosely defined project goals and adapt to changing requirements.

Regardless of which methodology is used to develop your solution, we will actively request feedback or additional content from you at times when it is best able to be implemented by our team. This allows us to knuckle down and focus on making your dreams a reality, whilst giving you time to focus on other projects stress-free.

We are more than happy to address requests for changes to a solution at any time. However, a change that may seem like a small add-on may realistically require hours of coding to implement. As a result, costs increase and delivery dates are pushed back, so our processes aim to eliminate this as much as possible.

We trust our processes to deliver great solutions—solutions that are on time, on budget and bug free. Our processes are something of a dogma for us. We know they will work and deliver the best possible result, as our many long term clients will agree.

If you’d like to talk to your developer on how to better understand and work with our processes, please call us on (02) 9213 1300.

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