Kennards Self Storage

A trusted long-term technology partner

Our team is trusted by Kennards Self Storage to self-manage, running 100% agile projects to consistently deliver high-quality solutions and improve customer experience.

The story

Now in our 5th year of working together. The project requirements were initially to rescue and support their website development project. Kennards Self Storage’s requirements have grown substantially since then. The project now ranges from development on multiple API integrations between website and third party applications, to the complete support of their Intranet.

The relationship between Kennards Self Storage and 4mation has grown to one of a development partner, not just an outsourced agency.

The challenge

To continually support Kennards Self Storage’s projects and requirements, the internal set up at 4mation is comprised of a PHP team that works on the website project, and a .NET team that works on the intranet project. The team at large is comprised of two project managers and six development resources, complimented by the 4mation UX and Testing teams. These two teams are in constant communication and hold regular meetings to share knowledge and discuss ideas.

The Website Team are continually working on new features to improve the KSS customer experience.

The Intranet Team focus on support of the system and are currently undergoing in-depth requirements analysis in conjunction with Kennards Self Storage stakeholders and the web team in order to scope out new system requirements and identify the right technology stack for the project.

Multiple stakeholders and product owners within Kennards Self Storage facilitate efficient scoping and execution of projects.

“4mation set the standard in terms of transparency and quality among all the IT providers we use.”

Jeff Xanthos Business Analyst, Kennards Self Storage

The result

Our website and intranet team have a deep understanding of the Kennards Self Storage business and self storage industry. This allows us to make proactive suggestions and provide meaningful insights into not only front-end customer experience, but also contribute to the development of Kennards Self Storage’s internal processes.

Our team is trusted by Kennards Self Storage to self-manage, running 100% agile projects to consistently deliver high-quality solutions.

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