Agile innovation packages

A technology partner to help you create and deliver on your digital strategy

Our agile innovation packages offer flexible levels of dedicated monthly hours which drive continuous innovation and improvement of your digital solutions.


  • Guaranteed specialist resources to work on your project
  • Scale your package up or down with a month’s notice
  • Quarterly strategy and UX reviews providing valuable insights
  • Discounted rate vs one-off project development
  • Priority service over ad-hoc clients

Who should use this service

You are a technology leader seeking ongoing insights and development for your digital solution, and in one of the following situations: 

  • Requiring help to transform your ideas into solutions
  • Your development team needs help to speed up delivery of your roadmap
  • Need to capture fresh ideas and solutions
  • Desiring to collaborate with an experienced team, rather than scaling internally
  • Focusing on continually improving your digital assets

How it works

Our Agile Innovation Packages provide different levels of dedicated monthly hours including access to our strategyuser experiencedesign and website development services.

Whether you need help managing your technology roadmap, need services to get you started, or ongoing support, our Agile Innovation Packages (AIP) give you the flexibility to innovate faster.

Software developers delivering AIP packages

Our process



An initial consultation to understand your business goals, to work out where to begin, which package suits best and start building a prioritised roadmap of features and initiatives.



Once we establish your business goals, our team prioritise the work to be done within the agreed timeframe, and set up the selected environments.



As our team consistently delivers, you have access to a dedicated project and product manager. We work in fortnightly sprints, deploying regularly to deliver value faster. Throughout your ongoing package we conduct quarterly UX and strategy reviews to discover new opportunities to achieve or overachieve on your goals. 

We conduct weekly meetings to report on progress, gather feedback and agree on next steps. The team also provides full access to dashboards in JIRA so the progress and status of each activity is clear and available any time. You can also chat directly to the development team via slack if required.



Every month we ask you to review us in a client satisfaction survey, where you score the value you received from us over the last month. We also ask how we can improve in order to receive a higher score going forward. This information goes directly to our team to drive improvement into the next month.

Software developers in office delivering agile innovation packages

We are ready to help


What is the minimum package size?

Our minimum package size is approximately $1640 per month. 

How does the cost compare to an ad hoc project?

Clients on our agile innovation packages typically save between $2 – 45k per month compared to those on an ad hoc basis.

What skills can I access?

You will have access to any of our skills including a dedicated project manager, product manager, developers, UX and UI designers, senior architects and strategists all at your disposal. 

Can you take over my existing project?

Yes. You can engage us at any stage of your project – strategy, scoping, user experience design, development, testing, or even after go-live to add features or improve the performance of your site.

Can I scale up/down?

Yes. You can scale up or scale down with a month’s notice. 

What happens if I need extra time over and above my package?

If you need extra time, this is provided at a discounted hourly rate (only available to our AIP clients). If you need extra time on an ongoing basis you can upgrade your package at any time. 

When should I use an agile innovation package vs an ad hoc project or staff augmentation?

Our agile innovation packages give you all the  skills to deliver your project without the cost of ongoing permanent headcount. You should use an agile innovation package when your requirements are flexible and ongoing.

Ad hoc project delivery is suitable for one-off projects when your requirements are clearly defined.

Staff augmentation services are suitable when you have a large project, and need a full time specialist that you can manage as part of your team.

Case studies


A custom responsive online platform design and development

SG Fleet

Development of an online vehicle storefront and quoting system

4mation did an outstanding job on our Online Quote Tool – which was not only well-received by our business by most importantly our customers. Would highly recommend 4mation to anyone looking for superior development and service.

Diana Vazard Marketing Manager, Grace Removals Group

Engagement models comparison

Not sure which engagement model to choose for your project? Here are some key points to help you decide.

Project deliveryAgile innovation packagesStaff augmentation
Project sizeAnyAnyLarge
Project typeOne-offOngoingOngoing
Project requirementsDefinedFlexibleFlexible
Project management4mation4mationYou