Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer contact is arguably the most valuable marketing asset that your business could have – and the 4mation CRM software makes it easy for you to manage and maximise that information.

Our CRM solution gives you the most efficient and effective way to offer your customers and prospects more personal attention. Built over literally thousands of development hours, the software has been tried and tested in large organisations for years.

The system runs in Windows and accesses a secure, remote hosted database. Our service includes the importing of your existing data and the design of custom reports.

The system can be tailored to your data or business requirements, to help you run more effective direct marketing programs and customer communications, loyalty programs, customer purchase records and more.


  • Contact Management
  • Sales
  • Payment Processing
  • Membership
  • Corporate Contacts
  • Season Tickets
  • Online Surveys
  • Campaign Management
  • Custom Fields
  • Reports
  • Website/Email Marketing/eCommerce Integration

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