Salesforce Integration

Imagine being able to instantly and seamlessly synchronise your business-critical data between your Salesforce CRM, your website and your back-office software. The systems integration experts here at 4mation can help you improve your business performance by making that dream a reality.

Streamline your sales process by integrating with your website

If you use the highly popular customer relationship management (CRM) software to drive your sales team, then the systems integration experts at 4mation can offer a number of development solutions to plug your website activity directly into your sales pipeline.

Whether you’d like to import new customer queries from your website into your sales leads module, trigger timely sales person contact or automate marketing emails driven by complex customer criteria, 4mation can ensure that the data flow between your website and Salesforce happens instantly, seamlessly and securely.

Improve your business with more accurate and up-to-date customer data

With the powerful API offered by Salesforce, combined with the flexibility of 4mation’s custom development solutions, there are almost limitless possibilities when it comes to automating the flow of information between your web-based systems.

The numerous business advantages of integrating your web development project with Salesforce include:

  • a more streamlined and sophisticated user experience for customers
  • more efficient account management
  • a drastic reduction in the resources and time required for staff to manually process and input data across your various software systems, and
  • always up-to-date sales information on your leads, customers and products.

By working with 4mation to integrate your Salesforce CRM with other web-based software like Gmail, accounting packages like Xero and MYOB, staff intranet platforms, customer service platforms like Zendesk, email marketing systems and more, data can be passed back and forth across all of your systems to ensure that all of your information is up-to-date, accurate and reliable.

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