Responsive design

Responsive web design allows business owners to give their users a great experience across desktop, tablet and mobile devices with a single development solution.

Responsive design

Users are accessing the web with an ever-increasing number of device types (mobiles, desktops, tablets). Responsive web design enables one site to be developed once, and reformats itself automatically to appear correctly on any device screen width.

Improved user experience

Responsive websites provide web users with an improved browsing experience, no matter the device. A responsive site will look, feel and behave the same way on any device, providing great consistency through cross-device user journey.

According to Google, 90% of users move between devices to accomplish their goals online. By providing the same site structure and navigation, users can find product information in the same way on every device.

Reduced development costs

By developing a unique website that adapts to each device, responsive websites are greatly cost-effective.

Building a responsive site reduces long-term development and maintenance costs. However, it also represents a huge saving from the moment it is built, instantly reducing the amount of time you spend maintaining both a mobile and a desktop site.


How does a responsive design affect SEO?

Google’s switch to its mobile-first index means that all non-responsive sites are at risk. Building a responsive site is an advantage that website owners will have over their competitors.

Can you upgrade our existing site to be responsive?

Our web developers can help you make the move to a unique responsive website that will help you reach your business goals. We can also upgrade your existing desktop site to become responsive, avoiding costly redevelopment from scratch.

4mation delivered a complex, highly customised website within a tight timeframe and exceeded our expectations in terms of design and user experience.

John Friedsam Project Coordinator, CanTeen

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