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Custom software is designed specifically for your unique circumstances and, when done well, creates valuable IP for your business.

Whether you are looking to build a powerful SaaS product, automate business processes or integrate systems, your unique business requirements need unique thinking and experience. 

We work for you by working with you

Our local Australian-based teams build scalable software – building custom solutions that keep in step with your business as it changes over the years

We collaborate with you every step of the way, giving you 24×7 access to a custom Jira dashboard displaying real-time project status, priorities, and progress.

Our software development teams in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne are passionate about long-term client relationships, responding to your needs and improving based on your feedback every month.  

Support your software developers with team augmentation

Sometimes it is better to place one of our consultants in your internal team to create your custom software solution. If you are looking for someone with drive and know-how, we can help you with one of our tech specialists.

Build a competitive advantage with a custom solution

Whether through one of our development teams or team augmentation, we’ll guide you through today’s digital landscape to find the best solution for your user base. 

We can assist with a variety of custom software solutions, including but not limited to:

As one of the leading software development contractors in Sydney, Melbourne and the whole of Australia, we have the expertise in-house to develop and deliver cutting-edge technology.


How much does custom software development cost?

This depends on how complex your software project is, but typically a new project will start from $20,000+.

When is the best time to engage a software development agency?

Most companies engage software development agencies at either:
a) Solution design/strategy time – when they have an objective to achieve or problem to solve.
b) Development time – when they have a documented scope for the solution, and they just need it developed.

Either is fine, but a good agency will be able to provide you with far greater value if they’re involved in the solution design, as they can help good technical decisions be made early and set your project up for success.

What are the roles in a software development team?

There are many roles within a software dev team, including:
Product Managers who leverage their skills and experience to validate your idea and develop product roadmaps;
UX/ UI Specialists passionate about top-quality user experiences;
Project Managers to communicate clearly and ensure the project runs smoothly;
Software Architects to define and manage technical scope and lead the software development team;
Specialist Developers for every part of the development process including front-end and back-end developers;
Testers to identify and fix issues before go-live.

Who owns the source code for my custom software?

You should be granted an owned licence to the software, so you’re not beholden to the software developer. We recommend checking your agreement to ensure this is the case before signing on.

What are the advantages of customised software?

Key advantages of developing customised software include:
– Meeting your unique business requirements, and building a competitive advantage
– Optimising efficiency and automation, boosting productivity
– Security – can be more secure to external threats
– Scalable and adaptable as your business evolves
– Builds unique and valuable IP for your business
– Often more cost-effective than SAAS at scale

What are typical custom software projects?

Custom software can include (but it is not limited to):
– Customer-facing systems including booking, scheduling systems and quote calculators.
– Internal systems, including workflow management systems and job tracking systems.
– Custom reporting and analysis tools
– B2B / B2C marketplaces
– Customised eCommerce solutions
– e-Learning portals

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